Friday, December 31, 2010


while we were in the hospital one of our neighbors/ friends email me to tell me we had gifts sitting on our porch and asked if she wanted us to get them for us since we had no idea when we would be home! {yay for good neighbors/friends!} Robert and Kacey came into town and were nice enough to stop by her house and pick them up for us, and also do a drive by of our house and picked up another box. :)
all of the gifts left on our door step werent signed to let us know who they were from. one said from your sister so im guessing a church sister? i dont know!! but thank you!! we appreciate it!!

gifts that were left on our porch!

from timari!!
from timari!!

gifts from the porch!

whoever you are you know me so well! sebra striped black n gray scarf!!! LOVE it!
{dont pay attention to the the creepy look on my face!}

a jewelry box, with a bracelet in it, jason a candy bar n gift card
shaving kit! {hopefully he uses it soon!}

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