Friday, December 3, 2010

post surgery Friday 12-3

Friday {12-3} Jason had a good night last night, the left side of his face is swollen {but thats because of surgery} he was having a few issues with his words this morning, but catches himself right after saying them. they were having a hard time controlling his BP this morning it was around 164/86 {latest is 118/47}. He is getting morphine and percocet for pain, its kind of hard to know how much pain he is in, due to his word scrambling. We are now in a regular room, which is so much nicer! quieter, bigger, more visitors at a time just over all better! :) were still waiting for the MRI to show how much swelling is still in his brain

4:00 Jason just had his MRI, but we are still waiting for the results {6:40} were hoping they come back soon and in our favor, it all depends on the MRI for when we get to go home!

Jason's eye keeps getting bigger, pretty sure it is going to be black! :(
Jason all puffy on the left side, its gotten a little worse, but he is asleep so you will have to wait for a better pic!

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  1. He looks great considering. Glad all is well so far. Love you guys!