Saturday, December 4, 2010

post surgery Saturday 12-4

last night was a good night! Jason's sodium keeps dropping so he is off water, but can have pretty much anything else! They tell is its a normal thing for brain surgery patients, so its not too big of a deal! his pain isnt too bad, but we have to keep reminding him that he wants to keep it under control, its easier than having to try to get it back under control! he doesnt like his morphine so i think thats why he is telling us he has no pain, but luckily our nurse today explained to him that he doesnt have to take the potent stuff, he can have tylenol if he feels that will help...he took percocet :)
we got the results of the MRI today, they said it looks GREAT! there is a significant change in the swelling! so as soon as we get the orders from the dr we will get to head home! but were not expecting this to happen too early today, considering were waiting on the dr and its saturday!

his eye is swollen more today, and were told it will get bigger tomorrow before it comes down, and will take 5-6 days to be normal!
the bandage was taken off of his head today! so he is good to shower n all that fun stuff, just needs to be careful not to scrub it to hurt it...the staples will come out in 12-14 days.

{4:00} Were HOME!!! :))


  1. keep up the good work. You two amaze me everyday. See you soon. Love ya

  2. I'm so glad to see everything went well!! It's amazing the things they can do these days... and we're so glad!! You both are in our prayers and we'll keep watching for updates!! Tell Jason to hang in there for me and that we are thinking of him.