Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24, 2010

im going to add some to this during the day, with the updates/info i get. :)
merry xmas eve! lucky us get to spend it in the NCCU....Jasons last sodium level was 142, so its going up...but not very fast!! He has a CT scan scheduled for 10. We had a pretty good night, he only got up a couple times, and since he has been walking he is much steadier on his feet! When the dr came in this morning, he had to wake him from a deep sleep, and ask him all the lovely questions, jasons didnt get any of them right...but Nykol came in about an hour or so later and jason got them right, except for saying were at the huntsman...still hoping to be moved to NACU {it would be nice to not have to walk down the hall to go pee! :)} we have added our wedding date to the list of questions. he got it right after a few times last night, and ws convinced it was 10-10-10 today, when i told him its 8-8-8 he replied "i think your lyin!" {lol it was funny!} he is getting quicker with his come backs :) when asking him our wedding date last night, i told him he picked it because its really easy! he looked over to linda, "its easy but i cant remember!" couldnt help but giggle a lil bit! :)

Jason had his scan this morning but we have yet to get the results. He is answering his questions correctly still, has been really tired all day, hasnt gone for any walks other than to the toilet. He asked about frankie earlier, he thought he heard him doing his freaky breathing thing, and asked me if he was here... his sodium is still low, and once it is raised and stable we will get to move to the floor, dr said it should happen within the next couple days. then we will be in the NACU for lord only know hows long!
i asked about the CT scan, but since its xmas eve and ours apparently isnt "urgent" it hasnt been finally read, so we will hear about it tomorrow {which worries me that its bad, since they want to wait for the final read before telling us}

I GOT MY SHOWER{this morning}!! i am a whole new woman!! :))
MY mom and dad came down to spend the day with us. Randy {cousin} came up from colorado and stopped by for a while, his mom {aunt} chris came too! who brought us, well me dinner! but i had already eaten so i have lunch for tomorrow! {lasagna! garlic bread n dr pepper ♥} thanks!!

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