Wednesday, December 8, 2010

pathlogy report

DR Jensen called a little while ago to give us the results from the pathology report... the main/first tumor was DEAD...yay! BUT the 2nd tumor they removed was still alive, which more than likely means the other 6 tumors in Jason's head are still alive...

So as of now the plan is to go back to the Huntsman in a month have an MRI and hopefully schedule another brain surgery, the dr is confident that there is at least 1 more operable tumor, and hopefully the MRI will show that he can get to more than just the one.

We will be meating with both of Jason's Neurosurgeons which means radiation might be an option, were hoping the steriotactic radio surgery, which jason had done to the first tumor in January 2010 {and it was DEAD!}

but that is all we know as of now, as we find stuff out ill let you all know! :)

Clinical trial-
we have been done with the clinical trial for a while now, Jason only received 2 of the 4 doses because of his up in steroids, along with the surgery. We planned on starting the second session at the huntsman, but now with the possible 2nd brain surgery we are unsure that he will get back into it...

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  1. Dearest Hope, You know we are all praying for you both and you are in our thoughts every minute.We want help in any way and would like to come down to s.l.c. if we can...You know you are both loved and we will be here any time no matter when it is,luv ya