Thursday, April 15, 2010

Latest dr appointments...

well the dr appointments have come n gone! tuesday we met with the neurologist, who informed us that the swelling in Jasons brain has gone down....very little.... so he is still on the steroid {anti-histamine} and we will meet with him again in may, to see how and if the steroid is working....

Wednesday we met with the cancer dr.... first Jason had to get an MRI done, and was informed by the lady who took him back that his bracelet {stupid} can be offensive....then was told that getting cancer is a good thing {WTF} because it teaches him to not take life for granted...well people really need to keep their mouths SHUT!!!! she has probably NEVER had cancer or known someone close to her with it... stupid lady!!!

well anyways...the MRI shows no new spots :){in his chest abdomen and pelvis} most of the spots are the same size, except for the one that they removed in his airway, it is growing back, and a lymph node has shrunk. so the dr believes that the IL2 helped, not too much but it helped... and we were also informed that there may be a new spot in his brain...but we wont find that one out until we meet with the neurosurgeon again... so the plan now is.... NO chemo, it isnt even an option anymore, due to the swelling it caused in his brain, so we meet with people in radiology in about 2 weeks to see if the spots in his lungs are in a good enough spot to be zapped with radiation {like the brain tumor} that is pretty much a coin toss...50/50 chance of it working or not.{which is a step up, if it takes}..if it does work then it will help with controlling and preventing the cancer in the future. and if it doesnt take... our dr has a trial that is going to begin in a couple months that he believes would do some good for us! :)

i believe that is all that we have learned over the past couple days...if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

benefit in Idaho :))

the benefit dinner auction raffle thing in Idaho turned out AMAZING!!! :)) there was so many people! we had such a good time... we are truly blessed with all of the help that we have been getting thru this... the benefit was put together by my mom, sisters and many many friends... THANKS SO MUCH!! there really isnt much to say about it...but it was an amazing experience, and we are so grateful for all of the people who came and showed their support.... heres is some photos...not in any special order! :)

the food was uber nummy! dutch oven potatoes, sloppy joes and salad :)watching the auction....there was so many wonderful things donated, it was a lot of fun...


....buying raffle tickets....

the snowville kindergarten class made us pillows and blankets, and gave them to us, {uber cute pillows n blanket they have frogs on them!}
Jason bein the man and thanking everyone for coming! {i dont do well talking in front of people so i refused to}

so much stuff was donated for the raffle and the auction...
so many people!! we had such an amazing turnout!!! {in line for food!}
grandpa keller made wooden cars, trucks n trailers, an ark, and all sorts of other things that went quick!
chillaxing while waiting for the raffle n auction to begin...
so many people!!!

we appreciate everyone who came!!! the support that has been shown to us by so many people, and many that we dont even know amazes us so much!!! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


we had our dinner last night...{at the coppermill...YUM} we had a really good time, it was nice visiting with everyone!! AND we got the goodies from the auction! the outcome was pretty much amazing!!! {thanks everyone!!!} we were given a couple of things that were paid for and the people just gave them to us....a cookbook, and {this ones my fav!} the gentleman who won the pearl necklace paid for it, took it home, and then later brought it back, and told jasons aunt that he would like to give it to jason to give to his wife!!! :)) so i am now the proud owner of a beautiful pearl necklace! :) which i LOVE!!!the benefit dinner, auction, raffle thing is in idaho this friday {april 9} at 6 pm, we are uber excited for it!! we have been told a few things that have been donated to it, and cant believe the generosity of people!!!

we appreciate all the generosity that has been showed towards us in this hectic time! we dont know how we would get through this without everyones help!! we appreciate it all so much!!


so i have recently realized how lame i really am... lol... i was uber excited for a new vacuum!!! {i know...sad} but i LOVE it!! haha our old vacuum was a hand me down...that pretty well sucked... and im pretty sure it didnt stand up on its own anymore...{you had to lean it up against the wall, and it would scare the crap out of you if it fell randomly throughout the night!!!} well enough about the old...tiem for the new!!! :) its a shark! and really funky but i like it!!! it works like three different ways... as a regular vacuum, a hand held, and with the hose.. :) and its bag less!!! {so no extra costs!!} also its compared to a dyson and like not even a third of the cost!!! :))

we, well jason vacuumed the living room after putting it together... and i had vacuumed a few days i was in shock when he showed me this!!! NASTY!!! later i vacuumed the stairs... and it is a wonder to why we are NOT bald!!!! lol we could have made like 3 different full size wigs!! haha

Friday, April 2, 2010

the past week....

well its been a little over a week since i posted anything so i figured i should get you all up to date!!! okay so its been 2 weeks! {wow!} so were told the auction went {AMAZING!} we havent gotten a grand total of anything yet, but we have a date set with Jasons family on Monday! {we are uber excited!!} we were given the {big} box of comic books, and are slowly getting them put up for sale on-line, along with searching for comic book stores in SLC...

Not much has gone on the past couple of weeks, we have just been working, and living life! We...well I have started to try to be heathy...I run, n have started doing pilates {again} along with yoga!! {wii fit!} n ive sorta stopped drinking pop {lol} i dont drink half as much as i did!! i only have like one cup a day {if that!!} woohoo for me!!! :)) i have also sorta started counting calories {altho im not very good at sticking to a certain amount! i look at them and complain about it! lol}

we havent had to deal with drama! {yay} cancer hasnt really been on the top of our NEVER is when we are home! {except last night} altho cancer seems to be the ONLY thing that exists about me at work, jason says people dont talk to him at work, especially about cancer {he looks grouchy!!} so ive decided i need to start looking and acting bitchy {im a professional!} lately i just walked away... but it gets so annoying!! especially when im being told the "cures" for cancer!! {altho you cant do just the "cure" you have to do medical treatment as well} THAT MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL!!!! you cant prove that its the "cure" that actually got rid of your cancer!! im also sick of peoples cancer stories..Jason once again is lucky enough to not be told people cancer stories.... i dont know if people tell me their stories because they dont know what to say to me, but insist on talking to me... AHHHHH!!!! i dont need to hear it!!! i feel as if people have to "one-up" our story lol

well enough venting! :) we really have had a really good past couple of weeks... and then there was last night.... we had a good day...worked, visited with the parentals....went grocery shopping, got home from walmart put away our groceries, making a late night snack, i was taking my contacts out, and heard a big THUD! looked down the hall and there is Jason, laying flat on the kitchen floor {on his stomach} convulsing...{another seizure!} poor Jason had been standing and fell face first on the hard wood floor...seized for about 45 seconds, stopped for around 30 then ANOTHER seizure about 20 seconds!!! {yes 2 seizures!!!} so of course called 911... the EMTs showed up... thankfully jason woke up a lot faster than the last seizures.... he was pretty out of it at first, but didnt HIT or KICK or even try!!! just kept telling us that he wasnt going to the hospital!! but we won..he went!!! got to the ER i drove myself this time...bad idea..sat in the waiting room for like 10 minutes..but then the doors to go back opened so i just went back! :)) and i have decided the ER here is a JOKE!!! everyone treated us as if we didnt need to be there {which in some cases mostly epileptic you dont have to go to the hospital after every seizure...but since Jason has a brain tumor we need to make sure there is no bleeding..n check on the swelling.} the dr was ridiculous, only saw him maybe twice the whole 3.5 hours we were there...and had to ask him about the cat scan because he didnt feel it necessary to tell me how it looked!!! finally he called the on call dr for our cancer dr...which isnt the brain dude!!! and told us to up the steroid..NO!!! we got a hold of neuro dude this morning, and he upped Jasons Keppra{anti seizure} but left the steroid! we got everything from last nights ER visit sent to the HUNTSMAN, so now we just wait until neuro dude sees the cat scan... but if it isnt too bad we will hear all about it at our appointment on the 13, then we get to go down again the 14 for an MRI and consult with the cancer dr.. {hoping that nothing has grown!!}

Jason was bragging it up that he only had one more month to go and he could drive again... NOT!!! the 3 months have began once again!! we have decided his seizures are timed!! haha they are about 2 months apart...altho this one was a little odd, and happened on the 1 and didnt include the number 2!! {dec 22, feb 2}

we have a benefit dinner auction raffle happening in stone, Idaho {about an hour away from logan}on april 9 at 6 pm. come for a great time!!! :)) uber excited for that!! just hoping that this week goes well!

a few of jasons battle wound from the fight with the wood floor last night!! :)
huge blister which we are assuming is from him rubbing his hand under the rug that is under the table, while convulsing
kinda a bad pic...but turn your head {lol} and there is a scrape {not sure what its from} but it is surrounded by a huge bruise, and on top a ginormous bump!!!
if you look underish his side burn you can see that red marks, they are almost like blood blisters, his entire cheek is pretty much a huge bruise, theres is also a bruise on his ear, also on his nose..

if the bruises get darker i will take more pictures n post for all to see!! :))
He says that he is uber sore today...mostly his face :( {since it did soften his fall for the rest of his body!!}

i believe that is all i have to post...if you have any questions feel free to ask!! {sorry im not good at keeping things in order! im a scatter brain!!}