Thursday, December 2, 2010


so ill add things to this as they happen throughout the day...
they finally took jason back into surgery around 1020 {so much for between 8-9} the nurse will call every 2 hours with an update, and so far all is going well :) {11:30}

surgery started around 11:30, it takes about an hour to get him sedated and prepped for surgery. he is stable and doing well {12:10}

{1:50} Jason is stable, they have removed about 1/2 of the tumor, and expect the surgery to take about another 2 hours..they want to be sure they remove as much as they can.

{315} Surgery is over they say jason did great, as far as i know they removed all that they wanted but i am still waiting for the dr to come talk to us. he is awake extremely drowsy but awake. they are taking him to the ICU now and we will hopefully get to see him soon.

{4:00} dr says he got ALL out that he wanted {2 tumors and swelling} all came out nicely, he will want to do a scan probably tomorrow. He said Jason woke up immediately, moving and talking {which is GREAT} we should get to see him in a few minutes, and hopefully get to head home by saturday!
Jason is having kind of a hard time with his words, but that is to be expected, he overall is doing amazing!much better than they expected! having no problems with his right hand! :)

Jason all ready for surgery!

battle wounds, im hoping they come in and change the bandage soon so i can get a better pic!

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