Tuesday, December 28, 2010

were free

were home! well were i Idaho, we got to leave the hospital 12-27, around 330, and it was amazing! :)) ill get on later and give a full post with all the lovely details. just wanted to let you all know we finally are free!! {for about a week}
well we finally got to come home the 27, we left the hospital around 330ish and headed to idaho. We had to wait for JAsons sodium levels to come back, whcih ended up being 139 when we left. We were told the entire time in the ICU that his sodium needed to be 145-150, then they decided jasons would be good at 140-145.
sadly we didnt make it in time for Chris's wedding, so we went straight to idaho after leaving the hospital.


  1. Merry Christmas you 2 so glad u are home and doing better

  2. I can't think of a better place for the two of you to be. Hope all you "Kellers" have a wonderful Christmas now you are all together. Love all of you tons.