Monday, December 28, 2009

This is how we got to spend the few days before Xmas... Jealous?! i know!... we ended up staying 2 nights at U of U hospital, the first in the NCCU {neuro critical care unit} luckily they moved us to the NACU {neuro acute care unit} for the second night...{they were much nicer} and we could have an unlimited number of people in the room which was nice considering everyone was there :). Why we are so lucky to spend our holiday there?!!?! well my wonderful husband was diagnosed with melanoma 2 years ago, and it was surgically removed...well... [Its back!] and this time with a vengeance. Jason had a seizure Tuesday {Dec 22} he was rushed to the LRH where they did a CT and saw that his brain had hemorrhaged. After finding this out they transported us to U of U in SLC. Once there they did another CT scan a CTA, after those came back as the same as they did in Logan, they come to the conclusion that Jason has a brain tumor. and believe that its caused by his melanoma moving up from his neck, after pretty well convincing us that it will be surgically removed, they decided to have an MRI done of his chest, abdomen, and pelvis. the abdomen and pelvis came back clean... but of course just having a {brain tumor} would be too easy!! The chest MRI showed 5 cancer spots, in his lungs, along with one in the airway. After a {LONG} wait, and a lot of {crying}, our main cancer Dr came to talk to us...He informed us of the plan of treatment, explained so much, he is probably the {nicest} Dr i have ever met! :) we will begin treatment in January at the {Huntsman Cancer Institute} which is {top} in the nation/world! {thank god!} For the brain tumor Jason will be having radio surgery, which will pretty much just Zap the tumor, there will be no incisions or anything like that, just a few screws :s. for the cancer spots in his lungs he will be starting a form of Chemo, called interleukin-2 {IL2}. which isn't as {harsh} as most Chemo. With how much research i have done on this in the past few days, I'm sure I will be an {expert} here soon. It isn't considered a drug, IL-2 is a natural part of your immune system. {It activates and stimulates that growth of immune cells} It is administered through an IV, We will go down to SLC for 5-6 days at a time, where Jason will be hooked up to an IV for about 15 minutes every 8 hours, then we will be able to come home for 2-3 weeks and {repeat} He can receive up to 14 treatments, and will have MRI's done randomly throughout the treatment to make sure it is working, and hoping that it works after the first or second treatment. The Dr. informed us that Jason has a 6-8% of beating this {SCARY} but it is just a number, and since Jason is so young, and healthy {for the most part} and is my {superman} we are very hopeful that he will have a speedy recovery. It has been a lot to take in, and wrap our heads around, it is extremely {overwhelming} We have so many people asking us what they can do..well we really do appreciate it..but as of right now, {we don't know what were supposed to be doing} so we do appreciate the offer, but don't get upset if we don't ask for anything anytime soon.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So, I have decided to find out what this blogging is all about. and since i have had so much stress decide to join my life, it might be nice to get it out. SO heres a little bit a bout us :)
Jason is 21, he is a Loving husband {my best friend}, a provider, a student, my protector, pretty much he is my {superman}. He is currently going to school to get his bachelors in accounting, altho it is going to take longer than planned because he will be taking some time off. He works at Gossners which is a {cheese plant}.
I {Hope} am 20, I am married to my {best friend}. I am going to school, currently in the {medical assisting} program, hoping to finish soon and start on my {nursing} degree. I am currently work at a rehabilitation/long term care facility and {love} it almost everyday.
well i think i did pretty good for my first post....