Wednesday, December 22, 2010

december 22, 2010

well i have this huge long post of how this day went down last year, and what has happened in the past year..BUT before i post it...i will let you know what is happening this day THIS year...exactly 1 year from when our cancer fighting began.

were staying in idaho for christmas since we had chemo sunday and monday we didnt exactly see the point in driving to logan just to drive back out a couple days later, so we have just been chillaxin in idaho...well we were at my moms getting ready to head to steppys {we stay in her extra bedroom} i had been trying to get jason out to the car for about an hour. He was pretty out of it {and still is} he had walked up and down the hallway twice but ended up just laying back down on the couch and going back to sleep. well at 1223 {so technically 12-22} Jason was asleep on the couch and started seizing. yup he had a seizure, and yes it has been since MAY!!! so it was completely unexpected and nerveracking for my mom who was the one who called 911. and trying to explain to the operating where stone, idaho well almost IMPOSSIBLE!!! then having to explain why you want to be picked up by the UTAH ambulance is even harder! but after explaining it about a million times she finally figured it out! the seizure was like all the others, grand mal {shaking} he bit his tongue, but not too hard, {for all you haters, i didnt record this one! but ill be glad to post the other one again!}

the ambulance finally got there {in the middle of nowhere its all volunteer and surprisingly some people are asleep at 1230am!} they loaded him up and we headed to tremonton. usually he starts to wake up about half way to the hospital when were in logan, but wasnt having such luck this time. we got the tremonton hospital, got him into the er, hooked up to all his gadgets, blood drawn, then came the CT scan...which was a chore!! jason would hold still, UNTIL you told him to hold still! it took about 4 different tries, and some valum! and we finally got a good picture! finally after many phone calls by our er dr jeff, to all sorts of on call drs and the U hospital along with the Huntsman they came to the conclusion {about 430am} to send us down to the University hospital, just to be safe, since they have all the scans, the surgery was done here, and overall they know what going on a little better! {altho i LOVED the er peeps in tremonton last night! thank you for being such wonderful healthcare workers} after a long sickening ride to the U, in th eback of an ambulance, in the snow, we made it in one piece! jason was having a really hard time hodling still, im sure he spun himself completely around at least 3 times!

At the University ER they got us into a room, took the history, along with more blood, and then another CT scan.. The scan showed that the tumors{6} in jasons brain have more swelling around them, so we figure this is what has caused the seizure, and we assume that the swelling is caused by the chemo treatment he received monday. so after a couple hours in the ER they decided to admit us to the neruo critical care unit {NCCU} which is just fancy for ICU neuro style! and luckily twice in a row now, we have had AWESOME nurses! i am so thankful for Nikol today, she is amazing! BUT anyways, Jason is on a limited diet {clear liquids only} incase he seizes again gets a bad ct scan and has to go to the OR {worst case scenario...JUST IN CASE} we are staying here tonight for observation, and hopefully will get to go home tomorrow, but we really wont know until tomorrow. They are pumping him full of steroids for the swelling along with anti seizure meds. He has yet to wake up and have an actual conversation with anyone. he wakes up for his hourly nuero checks {barely} he nods or shakes his head, tells us the year is 1998, flintstone, and im sure theres others i just cant think of them. i told him its 2010 but he tells me he cant say it. BUT on the bright side he knows his full name and thats a plus he hasnt forgotten me...

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