Sunday, December 26, 2010

december 26, 2010

well we were really hoping to go home today! {jason is suppose to be chris' best man tomorrow} so we are still really hoping to get out of here in time, but are worried we wont :(
The nurses let us sleep in this morning! ♥ so we got to sleep until about 830, which was great! Jason took his IV out... {grr} but it has been bothering him since it got put in, back in tremonton the 22, and it had to be changed today, so either way it was coming out! Britt{nurse} was out nurse last year while we were here! she is really nice we like her, she has been waiting to come back n put in a new IV, since were still in the NCCU.
Dr jensen stopped by this morning, was saying he figures he had a seizure because Jason was taken off the steroids too fast... and once he is weined off of the 3% we will get to go hopefully early tomorrow, but possibly the next day, since they dont want to take him off of the 3% too fast. His sodium has been stable between 141-142. they lowered his sodium {3%} down from 70 to 60, so its going to be a slow process... He knows where he is, and all his questions..he is just really antsy and wants to leave, cant really concentrate on one thing...
Jason was doing a word search today, working his brain :) he didnt spend much time on it, but he did a few. He is mostly just dosing off n watching tv.
Jasons sodium level dropped, about 3 points when they lowered it to 60 U from 70 U, so he is on a higher dose of salt tabs and is salting EVERYTHING, hoping to keep it stable and be able to get off the 3% so we can get outta here!
we were finally moved out of NCCU and to NACU {floor} yay! and hopefully as long as jasons sodium stays stable we hopefully get to go home tomorrow!

we needed to replace our photo from the UofU last year so here is the new one. UofU 12-26-10


  1. Wow you guys. 2 years in a row... you two are just amazing. Hope, I have to say that I look up to you a lot for having such a supportive and positive attitude through all of this. Hang in there... we are praying for you both.

    Love, Adam and Julianne Howes

  2. Whoa, how did i miss all of this?! sorry I havent been online. Love you guys! My prayers are always with you two.