Monday, July 26, 2010


so i know i need to update, but that has to wait!! i need to ask ALL of you to do me a favor!! Kber {the radio station here in Utah} is have a contest to have a BBQ in your backyard on July 30. We are trying to get it for Jason, July 30 is his birthday! so please get on to and write why Jason should win it! i would appreciate it so much! we are trying to get as many votes/reasons for him to win as we can! so please help us out!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

arizona june 11-16, 2010

we left for arizona sunday when i got off work, our flight departed at 4:30 and we made it!! :) i tried the sea bands for my motion sickness...and i tried ginger...didnt help!! :(( so im planning on getting a prescription for motion sickness before our next trip...we made it to Arizona and was stuck at the airport for about 40 minutes waiting for our transportation... we finally made it to the hotel and crashed...

Monday- we had an appointment with a fertility clinic, to do some sperm banking...{which happens to be absolutely ridiculously priced!! {and our insurance doesnt cover ANY of it}} so if you get put in a situation that you need to freeze some spermies look into fertile hope, they helped us so much!! that was all we had to do monday, so we spent most of the day being lazy in the hotel, then later that night went swimming :)

Tuesday- Jason got his port put in bright n early that morning, after that we met up with our drs, just to check up with them, they asked how everything was going, how jason was feeling, ya know..the works. we met our oncologist {he was on vacation last time we were down there} after meeting with all the drs, jason got chemo!! it takes about 1.5 hours, then we are free to leave... they pump him full of anti nausea drugs before the chemo to help keep him feeling good, and luckily it did the job! he didnt say he felt crappy, just the usual...tired and exhausted. after chemo and everything timari {cousin} picked us up and took us out to the drive in movie, we watched despicable me, it is uber cute!! it was my first drive in movie and overall it was great, but it was friggin HOTT!!!

wednesday- Jason had a PFT {pulmonary function test} it took a little over an hour. He had to sit in a funky little tube type thing and breath. after that we went to the hotel, jason wasnt feeling too well, so we pretty much passed out...

Thursday- we had no appointments so we pretty much just hung out at the hotel all day, i wanted to go swimming but since jason had his port put in he we didnt go. we were supposed to have dinner with radar but dar had a migraine so hopefully next time we can meet up with them along with Lauren and josh!! {and have to meet them eventually!!!} so we ended up at timari's :)

Friday- jason had an evaluation with occupational therapy, to test his muscle strength n such, and everyone seems to be amazed at how much he can do {he does everything he did before his sickness, just doesnt work as much} at first the therapist said that she didnt think jason would need any appointments with them, she would just give him a few things to do at home, she had him lift some 10 lb weights, which he did like normal, but his heart rate went, so next time we go down we will make appointments with them to get him movin a little bit more. after the appointment with therapy, we were done...and got to come home! :)

We go back down to Arizona every 3 weeks for treatment. we have blood work drawn once a week here and faxed down there to keep an eye on his blood counts.
jason during his PFT

accessed port {all decked out with tubing, its like this when recieving treatment}
how his port looks de-accessed. it really bulges out like that!!{the port goes right under the skin}
you cant see it too well in the pic but has a major bruise from the surgery
this is what the port looks like..its called a power port.

pictures! :)

ive been wanting to get pictures taken for a LONG time, and with everything that has happened in the past few weeks it just has seemed to really need to be we finally got it done! and i love them! i got a new camera for my birthday and had courtney{sister} come over and take our pictures!
this is by far my FAVORITE!! :)

were at number 8!

we got a lot that we LOVE this is just some of our favorites. we had such a great time, it was nice to get out and just have fun and forget about our worries for a little while :)