Sunday, January 2, 2011

being home...

i LOVE being home, its so much nicer than being in the hospital especially the NCCU! sleeping in our own bed is magical!

but jason hasnt fully come back....i ask him to come back every day, he gives me a dirty look and says he will.{i feel like im in the notebook but a billion years younger than them!} he doesnt know too much of what is going on. He is pretty much in zombie mode... they started him on Dilantin, an anti seizure, {and kept his keppra} idk if im being naive, but i am blaming it for jasons behavior. and it could possibly be because im in denial, but i refuse to believe my husband is going to die from melanoma at the age of 22..we havent lived yet, we're still kids...and yet we have had more experiences this past year than many of you will have your entire life..we should have 70+ years to look forward to with eachother...but right now in our third year of marriage i am scared to death that i may end up alone before im even close to being prepared...


  1. Hope- hang in there. Each post tugs a little more on my heart strings. You guys have been able to grow so close together through your trials. You have a relationship with Jason that a lot of us will never have. Be proud of what you've been able to accomplish. :)

    Love, Julianne

  2. Keep the Fight Kid!

    Don't worry about looking for light at the end of the tunnel...just focus on one foot in front of the other. One day at a hour at breath at a time.

  3. Hope you make me cry quiet often when reading you posts. Looking at your pictures. I love reading your blog keeping us updated. My darling, live for today. Spend every waking second staring at him and memorizing his every look. You are an amazing couple who have survived something that 95% of other couples never could. Everyday remember you love each other and many people love each of you. Anytime you need anything, please let me know.