Wednesday, December 22, 2010

december 22, 2010 evening

jason has slowly started to come back to,he ate well drank his dinner of jello n root beer. he is talking more, not back to normal but its definitely much better than it was earlier today, he hasnt been able to get up and walk yet, but hopefully will tomorrow morning. he still isnt quite sure on the year, and believe he said that the president was tiger...BUT at least he is talking!! those are the only things as of right now that he isnt getting right{that they have asked} after sleeping 2 days straight, he is starting to wake up and is watching tv right now. Still have to keep a close eye on him with his IV's he isnt a fan and tries to pull them out {but really who can blame him! they are a pain!}
Last time i talked to the dr was a few hours ago, and he had said that he was going to get a hold of DR G {oncologist@huntsman} to see what he had to say, i dotn know if he didnt get in touch with him, if he had nothing to say or if the dr just hasnt made it back to us yet...
i finally got some sleep, about an hour {so i now have 1 1/2 hours in the last like 34 hours, but whose counting!}

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