Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 23, 2010

well today was better, much better! jason got up was walking around, is now allowed to get up to the bathroom {toilet in corner of room} He sat up for a couple hours talking to us, played on the computer, then was out like a light!he was cleared for a regular diet and celebrated with a cinnamon roll! He is still really confused not well oriented with much of anything, altho he did get the president right this morning, but was just asked again n answered 50 cent...he has been watching tv, which i think makes it worse, his brain stays with the tv while he is supposed to be answering questions, so whatever is on usually ends up being the answer..when asked questions this morning on his walk he was right on, or extremely close{saying huntsman not the U} he randomly laughs, told us earlier that EVERYONE is a liar, a pain pill is now a coochy pill, and he has a string tied around his pee-pee {his words} i still have to watch what he is doing when he is playing with his arm, he tried pulling both ivs out and we definitely need something for him to do with his hands, the laptop occupied his time for a little while but he grew bored of it quickly...we had some good laughs, and some GREAT nurses, the 2 from yesterday we were blessed to have again today...n i know nykol is here tomorrow morning so it will be another good day :) {at least nurse wise} DR G {oncologist} came in today, to tell us some medical options after we leave the hospital, we have a couple chemo options {trial being one, BRAF treatment 2nd} but for either we have to wait for jason's brain to settle down, and no seizures, or not exactly sure for how long. Theres no news on when we will get to go home, and nothing in the nurses notes either, but our nurse tonight {linda} said that with how jason is doing she would imagine we will be moved to either NAC or the huntsman tomorrow. but we cant hold her to it, since no scan has been done, and she isnt the dr so she cant give the last call... Jason actually asked for a pain killer today! its the first one he has gotten since being here, linda told me he asked for one last night but didnt have anything ordered so had to be evaluated by the dr here n when he came in jason kinda looked at him like he was an idiot because he wasnt in pain!
dallas, and my mom came down, brought me some clean clothes, my tooth brush♥ and a shaver! lol {my underarms were outta control!!} but i am feeling a million times better! and might break down and use the public shower tomorrow :s{my hair is getting pretty gross} if theres no word of us moving to the NCU {floor} gpa n chris came today too! brought us Cinnamon rolls, n couple other goodies!

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