Tuesday, February 22, 2011

handicap sticker...

okay we have always joked about getting one of these...but i think we NEED one of these now..to make shopping and going to the hospital a little easier. so i need help, i have no clue how to get one. so PLEASE comment on how i go about getting one of these for jason. It is much appreciated! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21, 2010

the past week has been a pretty good one. Jason has been up eating real food, usually along with at least one shake a day. He is still big on cereal, he could eat it all day if i let him! were sticking strong with a vegetarian diet, well he is better than i! {we have chicken nuggets that shouldnt go to waste! ;)} Jason is actually closer to vegan that just vegetarian. He still cant see, but he says he can still see shadows, so it hasnt gotten any worse, which is a BIG plus! and earlier today his pupils were dilating, so they are now reacting to light!!

Thursday, i was calling around to find a place to get jasons port flushed, it is supposed to be flushed every 6 weeks...and it was time! i called about 10 different people! {no joke!!} and finally got an appointment made at the infusion clinic at the Logan Regional Hospital. We ordered a wheel chair for jason, so we can go out and about and not worry about how we actually going to get Jason around. Hopefully it will be here early next week.

Friday, jason had is port flushed :) then we went to walmart. we had to get some groceries {its hard to change your diet when you dont have the healthy food!} and we had to get material to make blankets for the benefit this friday. {its for a close family that helped so much at our benefit who is now going thru hell} i didnt get all the shopping done, Jason was tired, the day started out good but went down hill a little later in the afternoon and the wheelchair wal mart offers sucks! so that didnt help matters much.

saturday Jennifer and dallas came over, jennifer hung out with jason while dallas and i went grocery shopping. now we are somewhat set on having a vegetarian diet! :)

Sunday started out pretty good, real early! Jason ate lots, cereal, shake {snack}, chili {lunch} and veggie noodles for dinner... He was having a great day until about 6 pm he started getting a headache, well i guess i should say his headache started getting worse. he went to bed, but got up for dinner, then went back to bed. i woke him up for his pills around midnight, then about a half hour later gave him his ASEA {its like water} he finished drinking it, layed back down, and PUKED EVERYWHERE!!! we HATE having those headaches, he always ends up puking from the pain :( it was a rough night...not much sleep. jason also fell about 3 times, his legs get really weak, and when his head hurts so bad he loses his balance quicker...

so far today its not as bad but close. his head is killing him :( he has gotten up to go to the bathroom but thats it. he hasnt eaten yet, he is just sleepin...jason got up around 5 ate some dinner, but puked it all up after he finished :( and went back to bed! he got back up aroung 730 ate a bowl of cereal and so far has kept it down!! woot woot he is talking more, so his head must be filling a bit better :)now he is complaining of his whole body hurting...got to get him up and moving around so it will hurt less! OH AND!!! jason was weighed thursday, and has lost ONLY 1.3 lbs in the last 9 days!!! woohoo!!!! {the weeks before he was losing 10+ per week!}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


big thanks to Kari Pierson!! who put Jasons name in the MOM cares employee foundation at Malt-O-Meal. you have no idea how PERFECT the timing was on this. thank you so much!! you are an amazing person! :)

February 16, 2010

it has been a while.... weve had a pretty uneventful past few weeks... We did family photos, for both families, timari came and visited :) carpets have been cleaned, and couch..weve had a few falls few accidents few bad days...Jason has done a complete turn around since the dr appointment {1-25-11} at the dr appointment it was all we could do to get jason out of the car into the wheelchair. He hardley talked. he sat slouched down in the wheelchair with his head down the entire time.

Timaris visit was short and went by way too fast but it was good to have her here! she brought a saint with her that her friend had given her to give jason :) its the saint of miracles and Jason has been wearing it since we got it! thank you! :))

We have started to work with a dr out of Idaho Falls, he is a natropathic dr. He has started jason on C-herb {we started this before talking to him} ASEA, and Matrix Meal {since jason isnt eating enough} He also told us that cancer lives off of meat protein, sugar, processed foods.

Jason has been living off of shakes for the past week+ with fresh fruit n veggies and a couple scoops of the matrix meal. this past saturday he started eating real food, cereal with almond milk {no dairy} last night he ate dinner with me, beef stroganoff {mushrooms in place of beef, DELISH and HEALTHY!}

well now to tell you how he has gotten better! he goes up and down the stairs {we live in a split level home} he was able to go up and down them by himself for a few days but isnt that steady right now. he walked to the mailbox with me the other day {ours isnt in front of our house, its around the corner} no more accidents!! {woot woot!!} he is talking so much more now, making full sentences, i put him thru the lovely group of questions he is asked in the NCCU, he gets them all right! just have to give him enough time to answer. he is still sleeping a lot and has pretty bad headaches the past few days, but is still doing so much better than before!

Jason's pupils have been HUGE lately and he we discovered the other day that he cant see. i wouldnt say he is fully blind, he tells me he can see lights and shadows, i dont know how recent this is but id imagine its been going on for a couple weeks now he just hasnt told us before now.

I still havent called hospice/home health. i dont feel that we need it. or that we will. we are confident jason is getting better and we will be done with drs! now obviously it wont happen over night, but we can already see a difference :)