Friday, March 19, 2010

well its been a while...not much has been going on... the silent auction at the home and garden show is today and tomorrow! and there is a benefit dinner, auction, raffle thing in Stone, Idaho on April 9..

we went to the movies the other day with randy, tina, whit, n greyson..watched alice in wonderland {friggin weird movie!} lol it was very that you needed to be high to enjoy! lol

i straightened jasons hair the other night {holy long!} hopefully it wont take much more time to grown long enough to donate! mine is buggin me too! but im waiting until jasons is long enough then we are both going to donate our hair {i dont want jason to have longer hair than i, that would be weird!..thats why im waiting}

We went up to the silent auction today to take a look around, see what was all donated... theres so much stuff!!! a lot of fun stuff, i hope everyone who goes feels the same way! {if not we informed deb we have first dibs! lol} we were told that there was even more things that had been donated that werent there... so they were going to give them to us and we would fill our night by putting them on KSL or Ebay or something like that.. {which will be nice, give us something to do} everything was/is set up really nice, altho the main sign for the benefit, is wrong, jasons cancer is metastasized melanoma to the brain lungs and esophagus, not cancer of each.. {i know it doesnt seem there is a difference...but there is.} im way excited to see how it all turns out!!

we havent had much drama the past week {thank goodness!} altho i feel like i have been forgotten, put aside... im treated as if i dont exist, i have no name, and that i am not a part of this. i personally feel that i am the person {next to Jason} that is feeling this the most, i am the one that is here with him every day every night, throught the good moments and the bad, im the one that is holding his hair back while he is vomitting, im the one sitting in the hospital with him for an entire week! {when others wont visit!!} IM HERE!!! I AM A PART OF THIS!!! {i just want people to realize this.and start treating me as if they know!!}

Thats pretty much all that has been going on with us the past week, we have just been working our lives away!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Im done...

well i vented yesterday...and im not going to make me feel better!!! but i am DONE i cant handle the please keep your drama to yourself {i am sick of it!} i just hope that everyone reads the last post and know where we stand with all the stuff they say about us... it starts done with the crap that has been going on. and i surely hope everyone else is done with the drama as well...lets all be adults and leave that stuff for the high school girls!!! {thats where it belongs!}

last night the yw and ym of Jason's Ward in Nibley brought us so much stuff!!! {they had a scavenger hunt} its amazing how many people come out of the wood work when your in a rough situation!! THANK YOU!!!

so i found out today that we have ANOTHER ad on the radio {kix 96, its a local station} i still havent heard the first im listening to nothing but that station so i can hear it!! :)

thanks again everyone for everything! we appreciate it all so much!!

LOVE Hope n Jason

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


well once again, we were informed of all the CRAP that people are saying behind our backs!! it gets so annoying!! the worst part is...that its all "family" doing it!! {and im sure this will cause more drama, but these people need to know how i/we feel about it!} They NEVER come and talk to us about, they just voice their opinion about us and what we do, to other people!! ALL I WANT IS FOR PEOPLE TO STOP TALKING CRAP BEHIND OUT BACKS!!!!! AND COME TO US WITH WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY!!!!

Im sure they will find a reason to make me out to be the bad guy {like they always do!} but they all need to realize that the answers that they are getting from everyone else are mostly a lie!!! come to us if you have any advice, suggestions, comments, or questions!!! we dont need the added drama in our lives!!!

and for the LAST time we are NOT selling our house, car, truck or bike!! we are not going to let the cancer win!!! and i would appreciate it if you all would STOP talking about our finances behind our backs!!! {for 1 its NONE of your business, and 2 you have NO idea how we are doing!! you talk to everyone else but say NO word what-so-ever to us!!}

{oh and yes i did buy me a new pair of shoes!! i also bought me new jeans and a new shirt!!}{so theres you a lil something extra to talk about!} and FYI when you BITCH about doing a good deed...its better to have NOT done it at all!!!

We really do appreciate everything that people are doing for us!! i dont want to come off as we arent {as if we are just using and abusing!} but it makes me sick to my stomach when i find out how after one person has done a good deed, they go behind our backs and talk/bitch about doing it. there was a GREAT quote i read the other day at the Huntsman hospital, that would be perfect for this!! but of course i cannot remember it for the life of me!!! {but i will find it next time we go n post it!}
Jason found the quote!!! :)) “Selfless giving unto others represents one’s true wealth.”
i truly think it fits perfectly!!!

If you have anything to say/ask us. PLEASE call us!!!{we may not answer if we dont know the number so leave a message, and we WILL call you back} stop asking other people and then get pissed when they give you the WRONG answer!!!!

Im not writing this to cause drama, im writing it to let you all know how i feel since you all feel the need to talk behind out backs and not come to us. i would really appreciate it if you all would come talk to us, for all of your comments questions and suggestions. thanks!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

back to work...

well today was our first day back to went good...Jason waited until i went in to go in{he usually goes in at 4, i dont have to be to work until 6} It went well for the both of us... he is just really sore and still pretty ucky feeling... I think the most annoying part about going back to work is the same question over n over n over... "how did last week go?" well really i dont know how to answer this... {it was pretty much hell.} if i told people " iffy" they would ask how so? {i believe by saying "iffy" you are nicely stating that it was HELL} some people wanted all the details {thats what the blog is for!!!} so i finally got to the point of just saying "it went" most people had the same reaction to that "that bad?" shake my head yes and the conversation was over! {wish i knew this one the beginning of my shift!} and note to all : i dont want to offend anyone with this...but a girl has to vent every-now-n-again! so dont take it to heart!! {i still love you all!} Jason told me work went well for him, for the most part... altho he is staying home with me tomorrow {i have it off! lol dont want to over do it!! {i work the weekend}} he is still pretty sick to his stomach...and sore. and of course he still has that nasty headache of his! {which i am so hoping goes away fast with his steroids!}

Frankie came home today!! oh how we have missed him and his laziness!! {he has been in Idaho for the past week or two}

I was asked today if Jason could drive... i didnt realize i hadnt posted anything on that yet... legally after having a seizure you cannot drive for 3 months... {from your last seizure, not the first!} so Jason still has a couple of months to go... but says that it makes it somewhat okay since when he can finally drive again it will be warm enough to ride the motorcycle!! :))