Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 20, 2010

Jason had chemo today. I know I said earlier that he wouldn’t be having anymore chemo, but I lied! No, steve called the beginning of last week, and asked if he wanted the last dose of chemo, okayed it through the Huntsman and scheduled us to be there Sunday and Monday. We had to be there {Twin falls, Idaho} Sunday for labs, they all have to be done the day before so the drugs can be shipped from Boise. We were told the front desk and lab had everything we needed so it wouldn’t be any trouble getting labs done, they really lied! We sat around for over a half hour waiting for orders to be found, well they weren’t found{until after we left!}, so we had to wait for the on call dr to be called, then had to practically argue with him over the phone with what we needed {he was a prick!} finally he agreed to order labs, but no UA, so Jason got his blood drawn, and we had the rest of the day to blow…

Monday we had to meet with the dr at 1130, but of course didn’t see him until after 12, then had to wait for the chemo…we were told it had arrived while we were seeing the dr, but just didn’t get started with his chemo until almost 3! And we were taken back to start chemo at 1! We finally finished with chemo around 430, but had to sit for an hour for observation. All in all it made for a LONG day… Jason is now done with the clinical trial, he will have a follow up appointment with Dr G at the Huntsman to decide if he qualifies to be in the second session of the trial, if he does he will start that in about 12 weeks.

The elementary school in Snowville, had their Christmas program Monday night, we were supposed to make an appearance…but since chemo ran late we didn’t make it in time :’( we felt awful! Wanted to be there so badly, but we were called and sang to over the phone! The children had done a fundraising type thing, asked for donations for us so we could have a merry Christmas! It was such an amazing thing! Since we didn’t make it Monday night, we went in Tuesday morning and saw the kids… We had been there for about 5-10 minutes waiting for the kids to finish recess when Jason puked…ALL over! So the kids got an extra long recess while we got Jason all cleaned up and changed into fresh clothes. We didn’t want the kids to get too close, since its cold n flu season and jasons immune system is pretty well shot right now. So the kids stood outside the classroom and sang a few songs to us, gave us letters they had written and a jar of money they had collected for us{and about 4 boxes of food!!}. They were all so cute and it was such a wonderful experience I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place! In between songs they all wished for Jason to get better… I heard some of the stories of how the children acted throughout the entire experience and it just amazes me how giving they all can be at such a young age. One child had brought in his tooth fairy money to give to us, one little girl felt she needed to give us her ornament that she had made. I am also told that in their letters to santa some of the students wished for Jason to get better, hopefully I will get a copy on the Tremonton newspaper to share the letters!

I am so thankful for coming from such an amazing community, they never cease to amaze me with all their love and support!

Jason has been passed out since we got back to my moms from the school, he isn’t feeling the best today, im unsure if its from the chemo or something in his brain, on the ride home Jason was having a lot of troubles with his words. Our trip began in Cincinnati, we hit up Hollywood, Bali, and ended in snowville! {had to hit up all the big cities!} he was stuck on the number 124 when he was trying to tell people what mile marker we were at…it is all fun n games, we laugh but it worries me so much, that something that shouldn’t be going on is…I try to keep a good spirit with it but after so long it gets frustrating, when Jason takes over 5 minutes to tell me one sentence, its hard for us both to handle…

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  1. You guys have been through so much but you are so strong... What a sweet little group of kids!! We think of you two often and you are in our prayers. Good luck with everything and keep the updates coming. Thinking of you.