Friday, December 31, 2010

our christmas celebration

we celebrated xmas in idaho the night we got out of the hospital {12-27} we opened presents that night and had a big dinner the next day! heres a few photos not in any particular order...

wesley n jason

jareth n wesley..they were sick so they had to wear masks{so jason would get sick}
dr frank n schenk!

frankie lovin on jason

Jason is always so grouchy!!

wesley opened this sceram "a box!!" then went on openeing another gift. when told to see what was in teh box.. "AHH ANOTHER BOX!!"

the boys wanted to open more presents after they were finished with theres so im pretty sure they opened everyones gifts! and were so excited that you got "your very own box!"

opening their gift from jason n me!

us girlies got jennifer a cricut! she had NO idea!

kacey got a nighty from jennifer, and jareth opened was PRICELESS!

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