Tuesday, May 4, 2010

meeting with the radiologist....

well we met with the radiologist last week...which i strongly believe was a WASTE OF OUR TIME!!! {grrr!!} she just kept telling us how she doesnt want to do radiation to the lungs right now, its not bad enough YET!!!!

i am so SICK N TIRED of hearing that!!! now i know that they get cases that are much worse than jasons...but they need to realize from our point of view... {in december he had a 6-8% chance of beating this {n he still does}} we dont want it to get any worse, we want it taken care of NOW!!! not wait to see how it grows..{n oops we waited to long theres nothing we can do}....but they act like it magically got better..n now we can wait forever or at least a few more months for treatment... she wants to wait and see how it grows over the next few months... n i feel if she wants to know how it grows she can just get the scans that have been taken since december n watch those as much as she wants!!!

but...if radiation does become the treatment of choice, we are getting a NEW dr...we do NOT like her at all!!! and also, from our understanding if we go that route they will only zap 2 spots {theres 7 total} which confused us!!{and leaves the other 5 spots.... which we have no idea what would happen with them} treatment of radiation will take about three weeks, jason would receive a zap every day monday through friday... which would pretty much suck because its on a good day an hour n half drive for a 5 minute zapping!

but as of now that isnt much of a choice, she said that she would rather us get into a clinical trial {which main cancer dr wanted to do if that radiation didnt take} but before that...we are meeting with the dr that removed the tumor in jasons airway back in january {it is growing back!} we meet with him today {may 4} in hopes that he can go in and remove it once again....

the tumor that is growing back in jasons airway has started to cause problems again.... jason has been complaining of his chest hurting lately along with having a cough :( so im hoping that the dr can go in and remove it again {or at least most of it...he couldnt remove that whole thing in january because it has grown through the wall of the airway, so if he remove the entire thing it would cause some major problems and discomfort...}

i think thats all we got from that dr appointment...ive been slacking!! lol but if you have any questions feel free to ask!!

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