Sunday, May 30, 2010

may 24-28

well this week was a lot like the last...we went to salt lake, almost everyday.... we should have gone monday through friday, but friday Jason wasnt feeling well at all, so we stayed home.

Monday, we had radiation. it was a good day so we decided to go to Ikea, we have lived in our home for over a year and are still trying to decorate it the way we want it. we had gotten 2 dresser thingys, and a shelf unit for our home started to take the first dresser out of the box...and realized we had gotten the WRONG color!!! WTF?!?! i guess that is one upside to going down there everyday...we returned/exchanged it the next day! but we got the shelf put together and set up in the kitchen.. LOVE it!! :) it fills the empty space so well!!

Tuesday, radiation....then back to ikea to get the right color of dresser!! :) then back to logan to have dinner at Texas roadhouse for dallas' graduation!

wednesday, radiation...of course then we booked it back to logan to pick up my camer {leave it to me to forget it!!} then on to Malad for graduation

Thursday, after radiation we met with the dr...didnt have much to say...said the treatments were going well...cant tell right now if they are working, since we are not doing scans until june 14ish. Jason has been having a hard time sleeping lately {but really who hasn't?!} so he asked for something to help him sleep. He was given Ambien, which we were very nervous about since we have all heard horror stories of the drug!! i think it worked well the first night...but im not sure its doing much for him now... Jason's face has swelled up like crazy, since he didnt cover up on one of our trips to SLC, it is so swollen that it has cracked, and the photofrin, causes him to leak a liquid that looks almost identical to iodine, so he has orangey colored scabs around his lips, and his nose. Well while meeting with the dr he told jason he has herpes!! haha!!! we got a good laugh about it afterwards...but seriously?! come on doc!!! nobody there has every dealt with the chemical, so we tried to explain that he leaks iodine colored liquid, and that is why his face is so swollen...but he wasnt we just let him make an ass out of himself :) haha

Friday...we got up started getting ready to go to SLC...and jason decided he felt like crap...and did NOT want to we didnt, we stayed home... which was nice not having to drive all the way down there...but i was bored out of my mind!!! so i decorated my moms bathroom mirror, her bathroom is tropical themed, so i decorated her mirror with sand and seashells, it turned out way cute!! just waiting for her to hang it up and add the finishing touches, a starfish and a sand dollar...once she does i will add a pic!

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