Thursday, April 15, 2010

Latest dr appointments...

well the dr appointments have come n gone! tuesday we met with the neurologist, who informed us that the swelling in Jasons brain has gone down....very little.... so he is still on the steroid {anti-histamine} and we will meet with him again in may, to see how and if the steroid is working....

Wednesday we met with the cancer dr.... first Jason had to get an MRI done, and was informed by the lady who took him back that his bracelet {stupid} can be offensive....then was told that getting cancer is a good thing {WTF} because it teaches him to not take life for granted...well people really need to keep their mouths SHUT!!!! she has probably NEVER had cancer or known someone close to her with it... stupid lady!!!

well anyways...the MRI shows no new spots :){in his chest abdomen and pelvis} most of the spots are the same size, except for the one that they removed in his airway, it is growing back, and a lymph node has shrunk. so the dr believes that the IL2 helped, not too much but it helped... and we were also informed that there may be a new spot in his brain...but we wont find that one out until we meet with the neurosurgeon again... so the plan now is.... NO chemo, it isnt even an option anymore, due to the swelling it caused in his brain, so we meet with people in radiology in about 2 weeks to see if the spots in his lungs are in a good enough spot to be zapped with radiation {like the brain tumor} that is pretty much a coin toss...50/50 chance of it working or not.{which is a step up, if it takes}..if it does work then it will help with controlling and preventing the cancer in the future. and if it doesnt take... our dr has a trial that is going to begin in a couple months that he believes would do some good for us! :)

i believe that is all that we have learned over the past couple days...if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

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  1. Okay that lady, seriously needs to get beaten up! I cannot believe that she said that to you guys. I would have told her to shove it up where the sun dont shine! Seriously that tickes me off. Cancer isnt a blessing or anything! WTH. <3 ya guys!