Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday 29, Sunday 30

I went back to work...Saturday, which just about KILLED me!!! its been about 2 weeks since i worked, i havent had to wake up before 9 for over a that i believe was the hardest part, especially since i dont sleep much at all anymore, i was at the very least EXHAUSTED!! by the end of my shift... luckily i worked with amazing people, so it wasnt as bad as it could have been! ;) Jason sat at home...all day, got to sleep in and finished putting our second dresser together! :) {although they still arent put where they are going to go, and are empty!} after work we went shopping, for a few groceries, and a prescription...we thought and were hoping it was just going to be a quick trip...NOT i swear EVERYONE was at wal mart that day!!!

Sunday i worked again...ugh, my body hurts everywhere!!! i seriously need a professional massage therapist!! less than a week away from sky diving!!!! ahh!! we are so excited!! and starting to get a little nervous!! Jason has started to lose his hair... the dr told us it would probably be gone by tuesday... Which makes it all more real... he is starting to look sick, and feel a lot worse....Makes it harder to keep up a front... i have a lot more breakdowns lately... it was so much easier to deal with when he looked as healthy as could be...but not so much anymore... we try to keep as positive as we can, but some days you just have to cry...and that was tonight, he told me that he was starting to lose his hair...{he has been saying this for a couple days} i told him whatever...well he proved it to me... :(

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