Tuesday, May 4, 2010

birthday weekend....

well my birthday was on saturday...n of course i had to work!!! {so did jason} but we had friday off so we improvised! :) thursday night we stayed at the anniversary inn {LOVE IT!!!} we are lucky enough to have jasons cousin work there so she hooked us up with an awesome deal! :) and we are very thankful for it! {thanks stephanie!!} it was so nice to have a wonderful relaxing evening {even tho it was like 5 minutes from our house! lol} well we stayed in "la hacienda" {the rooms are themed!!} it was amazing and HUGE!!! spanish styled room...with cheesecake and cider {eww} waiting for us, a long with chips and salsa! :)) {i took pics of the room but am having troubles uploading them...so i will try again later}
i got an uber cute watch! {which i LOVE} and a new camera!! :) a professional type one, none of this cheap digital walmart cameras anymore...im movin up in the world!!

sunday pretty well sucked {seriously} i wasnt feeling well, mostly just having an off day.... but anyways...went to work, about 10 minutes into my shift i FREAKING FALL!!!! ya right on my TAILBONE!!! it hurt soooo bad!!!! {i was showering a resident and fell in the shower :(} thankfully kimberly covered my shift and i went home! and pretty much died on the couch. after jason got off work i made him take me to the dr, {instacare, i figured the terrace would thank me since they would be paying and instacare is much cheaper than the ER} they did some x-rays, drug test {since it was work related} and came to the conclusion that it was just bruised {extremely bad!!!} and now its thursday night and still kills!! i feel for those who have broken their tailbone...i wouldnt be able to handle it!!
HUGE bathtub!!! pretty sure i spent most of my time here! :)
GIANT bed!! i had to jump to get on it lol
to the right
in front of the door
hammock when you first walk into the room...{to your left}

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