Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday May 5

>Another seizure to add to the list.... Jason was asleep on the couch, at exactly 8:07 he started to seize. he started out laying on his back on the couch and ended up on his knees with his face into the couch, where i, once he stopped seizing, had to pull him down onto the floor and roll him over to his side/back. he bit his tongue extremely bad this time, and bled all over the place!! usually he comes back to within 15 minutes of the seizure, the last one he had {april 1} he walked out to the ambulance! this one was different...he faught the entire ride up to the hospital! we had to stop about half way and get one of the firemen into to ambulance to help the 2 who were already in the back, hold jason down. {they send a firetruck when i call..} they couldnt get vitals on him, they had the IV in, went to tape it down and jason ripped it out.... he finally started coming to as soon as we pulled into the hospital parking lot... he was out for a good 40 minutes...

We have to go to the ER everytime Jason seizes to have a CT done to be sure that there is no bleeding in his brain, {that is what caused the first seizure}

This may come off as extremely strange, morbid and just awful...but i videoed this seizure, well the second half... Jason wanted to see how it was, since he is completely unconscious for it. its only the second half of the seizure so he had calmed down a lot, and also i didnt get the creepy sounds he makes in the beginning {they are probably what scare me the most...i call it his seizure breathing.} i will try to upload it here, jason put it on facebook. but WARNING!!!! this is very disturbing for some people, so if you get freaked out easily.. DONT WATCH!!! and also, i dont need any rude comments of videoing it or anything like that, jason wanted to see it, and i was on the other phone with 911 while recording.
click here for the seizure video and please keep all nasty comments to yourself, i again dont need them!!

after a few hours in the ER about 10 minutes with the dr and a mini family reunion! we got to come home, the ct showed no bleeding {thank goodness} they upped his keppra {antiseizure} and just told us to follow up with our neurosurgeon...which we do on tuesday May 11.

if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)

Jason's poor tongue :(

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  1. hey this is your backyard neighbor nicki. I think your blog is good. I like to hear how jason and you are doing and I want you to know if I can do anything let me know. 435-752-1992 If you guys need help with your yard or anything my husband will do it :) I can tell you that because he can't see what i am writing. but really both of us would love to help. Also if anyone needs to say some rude about how you are or how you blog tell them to beep off. You guys are a freaking cute couple and I hope things go good for you both. I think is was sweet to video Jason. anyways let us know if we can help.