Sunday, May 16, 2010

bucket list...

so since the news friday we have kind of been trying to think of things we want to do {before we die} its not the easiest thing to think of! ya there are so many thing that we want to do...but given the circumstances where we feel that we kinda have to decide what we REALLY want to do before one of us is gone, it makes it even harder to think of things!!! Also, considering the fact that we dont want to think of death, i believe makes it harder to think of things.

So we have tried to start our bucket list, well i have, Jason has a harder time...he is worried about finances mostly and since EVERYTHING costs so much it understandable.... i have reassured him about a million times that we will be okay, we need to just have fun and live our lives to the fullest. i have gotten out of him that he wants to go to cancun, we went to cabo san lucas for our honeymoon and LOVED it, so we have been searching lately for a trip there, but since we have already been to Mexico i kinda want to go somewhere else, like Greece, Australia, Fiji...well pretty much EVERYWHERE!!! so we are definitely having a hard time picking a place... and trying to decide what else to put on our bucket list... so if you have any ideas we would greatly appreciate them...

We are going skydiving June 5, so we will be able to scratch that off of our bucket list!! :)) which will pretty much conclude our list, since that is all that is on it right now! we are uber excited to go! im convinced i am going to pee my pants! {good thing i work at a place filled with adult diapers, so i am set!}

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