Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Jason's treatment has been postponed...once again... so instead of starting this week with the PDT Jason will be starting next week. Which pretty much sucks, because once injected on monday {May 17} Jason will need to stay out of the sun as much as possible...and Dallas' graduation is the 24, we will more than likely be missing out on that one....

If jason goes into the sun without proper covering, such as long sleeves, pants, gloves, sunglasses, hats, he will burn, not like a regular sunburn, his skin will swell and be extremely painful, the drs claim it will be much worse than any regular sunburn. He will have to stay out of the light for 4-6 weeks... so hopefully the weather stays the we wont really miss out on too much sun!!

we had our appointment on tuesday {may 11} with the neurosurgeon, which was a complete waste of our time!! Jason had his MRI done here at the logan hospital on May 3, we had to go down to SLC for an appointment the next day, so we just took the cd with his scan on it down. Went to give it to the neurosurgeons nurse, but she was out of town, so the receptionist {who is there ALL the time} told us that she would get it scanned into the system so we would be set for our appointment the 11. Well, she LIED!!!! we drove all the way down there, to sit for about 40-45 minutes, to be told, well...we LOST your cd, so there really isnt anything we can say about your progress...which makes it very difficult to ask about surgically removing the tumor, when we dont know how it is looking.... so when we go back down on Friday may 14, we are supposed to have them page our neurosurgeon so he can come explain the latest scans. {they were resent tuesday after we left the Huntsman. MRI from the 3, and CT from ER vist the 5}

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