Friday, May 7, 2010

Hair cut!!!

so i was checking the blog, for comments...n to make sure all was up to date...n i realized i didnt post about our hair cuts!! :)) we donated our hair monday may 3! a girl i work with also cuts she did it for us! :) and is sending it to pantene beautiful locks. we were going to send it to locks of love UNTIL!!! we found out that locks of love doesnt donate their wigs to cancer patients...they sell them!!! but pantene donates the wigs, so were/jess is sending it there!! :))

we completely chopped off our hair!! and i got highlights...which i LOVE!!!

jason's short!! but very nice.... :))
my hair all gone!
getting all foiled up!

the outcome!! LOVE IT!!!
i look very annoyed...but it took jason like a million tries to take this pic! lol


  1. Hooray for haircuts! Jason looks super sharp, and I think yours is so cute! They turned out great!

  2. You guys are definitely one hot couple!!!!

  3. I think you two are simply amazing. Your hair looks great too. Love you both.