Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday May 6

well we went to the Huntsman this morning for Jason's surgery, well at least we thought thats what was going to happen.... but it wasnt...they just checked out the growth in his throat, and made a game plan for next week we are doing to PDT, so we aer going to have a LONG week....
Monday-we go down so jason can be injected with the stuff to kill the tumor
Tuesday-we meet with the neurosurgeon, and hopefully make a game plan on what to do about the brain tumor, we are going to propose the idea of just going in and removing it, we are sick of all the crap it is causing!!
Wednesday-we go down and the light gets shined on the tumor in the airway to activate the chemical that was injected on monday.
Thursday-as of now this day is still open {who knows how long that will last tho!!}
Friday- MRI, appointment with main cancer dr to see how everything is looking {mostly to check growth} and removal of {hopefully dead} tumor in airway.

see...long disgusting week ahead of us... altho it isnt even close to chemo week, so we will be able to handle it with no problems... hopefully....

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