Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Are you okay?"

this has been the main question asked since everything went down in December... I've always been able to say yes... and answer as if..Why wouldn't i be?! it as always bothered me to be asked, mostly because it was people who have NEVER talked to me before asking. Overall i never thought about it much...just said yes and walked away...we were watching a show the other night and a girl on it who is sick, {i cant remember what her character has but she isnt expected to live long} she was asking for time off and one of her co-workers asked if she was ok..her response "obviously not" i dont quite know why, but this struck a nerve...this is now all i think of when people ask if i am ok... i know they dont know what i am going through, and probably just asked because they really dont know what else to say... but really... my husband has cancer, he is 21 years old...was told he would be lucky to make it 10 years...and that was with the IL2 treatment...which is no longer being done..I know people want to know info, and i guess try to understand all that is going on...but if they ask they shouldn't get upset with the answer that i give them!! i try to keep polite, and i believe i do an AWESOME job at it..but some days it is very difficult! and i just want to be left alone {especially with this subject!}

I know a lot of the blog has been venting... but that was almost the main reason for it, to help me get things out of my mind and off my chest so i dont get even more stressed out by keeping it in... It amazes me how many people tell me that they read the blog, and appreciate it so much... i appreciate all those who read it! {and dont get upset because we dont call every time we go to the dr to give them an update!}


  1. hey "are you okay?" :) my mom and i are stalking you right now and laughing cuz i think you should do the card thing we talked about! :)This is Stephanies mom i think you should just hand them a stupid sign! "here's yer sign!"

  2. Hope you are too funny. I love your blog and the Doctor making an ass of himself. You too are so cute and anyone in there right minds has to know that you are not okay right now. Who would be but you two are doing a great job at spending time and living your life as normal as you can. Don't lie to anyone and let them have it if they ask how you are. They might learn. Also the hair thing. I was the one that shaved my sisters hair and I cried then she cried. But it was nice to see what a perfect head she had :)

  3. im really thinking about it stephanie!! ill pass out my "business" cards to EVERYONE!! haha
    Nicki- we "played" with his hair last night.... n got a lot of it out.. :s he doesnt want to shave it...just let it fall out on its own i guess...he was laying with his head on my lap while i was doin it... n honestly it was very hard to even look at him after...i bawled..with his hair fally out it makes it so more realistic... so far his head isnt looking too odd, lol so hopefully he will make a sexy bald man!