Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Jason's hair starting falling out on sunday, may 30, monday he had a bald spot on the back of his head. well...much more is gone now! :(( i was asked if we shaved his head...nope...we talked about it...but decided to just let it fall out on its own... well almost its own, we were "playing" with his hair last night....i believe it will all be gone within in the next day or two... he may end up having to shave his side burns...they are thinning, but im not sure they will completely fall out, and that would just look silly!!
the beginning little bald spot...

almost all gone!! :((


  1. Well at least he has a great shaped head!! He looks handsome with or without hair! You two are amazing, and I hope that you know that you guys are in our prayers (and Cooper's) every night. Thank you for being so real on your blog, and I'm glad that you have a place that you can just say it like it is. If you need to make a trip down to SLC & dont want to drive...please please call, at least let us take you down and back to save a few miles on your car & a little less gas money out of your pocket!
    Kelly & Steve Clark

  2. Hey, hey, hey sexy. Hope you better keep an eye on him so others don't get the idea he's single. He will be a great bald man. Not many can carry it off but he looks good. Again I really am impressed with this blog. I love how real you are. I can just hear saying these things. Really enjoyed our visit with you at graduation. Let us know if we can help in any way. Love you both, Aunt Chris