Thursday, June 3, 2010

time to bic it!!!

well...i know i said we weren't going to shave jason's head, but we did...we were really going to let it all fall out on its own..but he just looked to sickly... and RIDICULOUS!!! so...we shaved it! :) it was both of ours first head shaving experience, so we went all out! we didnt have any shaving cream, and no new razors, so of course we had to go buy some! it was quite the wal mart experience, we were there a lil after 9. Jason had taken his ambien about an hour or so before he was as high as a kite!! {he only takes one, and it doesnt knock him out like it should!} we got the goods then went to see if there was any good movies for sale {there wasn't} he would randomly stop, stare, and start to giggle!!! i would ask him what was so funny," i dont know, it just makes me laugh." ;) we came home and got to work! and im not going to hubby can pretty much ROCK the bic'd look! :)) it looks so much better!! he doesn't look sickly, it just takes a second to get used to it!
the last of the hair...obviously not where it belongs!!

prepping for bic-age

the bic'ng begins!!
he looks cranky...thats just how he always looks..he still has his "herpes" {dumb dr}

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  1. He does look pretty good! I like the play by play with the pictures. :)