Sunday, June 6, 2010

May 31- June 4 & weekend

well not much happened this week, we had radiation tuesday-friday. the most exciting thing was probably shaving jasons head {were lame!!} but we had an AWESOME weekend!! :))

Saturday june 5 we went skydiving!! and LOVED it!! we had such a blast, i would recommend it ti EVERYONE!! i was nothing like what i had expected. There was a total of 12 in our group {we tagged along with melissa from work for her bday} Only 4 can jump at a time so we had 3 different groups. I had expected to be like riding a roller coaster, the butterfly in you stomach feeling when going down the hills, but it is NOTHING like that!! it seriously feels like your floating!
We were in the 3rd group, so of course we went last! we got there a little before 11, and didnt end up jumping until after noon. i was a little nervous peed like 5 times before, and didnt eat anything because i didnt want to puke! I think the worst part about it was the plane ride! {i dont do good with plane rides ever!! and this plane was just a lil one..} the plane ride was about 20 minutes long, and of course i got sick, you think i would learn and take meds before to prevent from getting sick, but i never think of it until its too late!! but i didnt puke on my jumper! {almost did, but i didnt!!} and i DIDNT PEE!!! :)) we free fall for about 45-60 second, the parachute down for about 4-5 minutes, depending on your jumper, Robert was the first to jump and the last to land, he went all over the place!! i was glad that i didnt, we spun around a couple times and after that i was ready to puke! {but i didnt!!} the free fall definitely felt that it lasted longer than the parachuting, i LOVED the free fall so much more!when they pull the cord for the parachute, im surprised i didnt get whiplash! it was definitely rough! and Jason ended up with a big bruise under his arm :( i got a small one, nothing compared to his. everyone asks about the looked rough with people who went before us, but really wasnt that bad! you land on your butt while your jumper dude stands.

before jumping, your jumper tells you what your supposed to do when jumping out, falling/floating ;) and when you land...but my dude didnt really tell me too much, just told me to the basics, but not the same as everyone else was told...we figured he didnt go into much detail with me since he was like twice my size! Jason says he was just wearing me as a fanny pack! :)
so i did good on the jump...dry heaved a couple times, i was worried i was going to up-chuck on my dude...but i DIDNT!!! :)) but i didnt last long after landing and getting out of my lil jump suit... i waslked outside to get money for a drink and lost all control!! :( but i didnt do it while jumping so i felt pretty good! lol
me n my jumper...his fiance works at huntsman!!
jason me n kamrie!
jumpin out!
free falling!!
as the parachute is opening

me n the ninja jumper!
jason had to dress as a ninja, since he cant go out in the sun yet


  1. Great pictures--I love the one with you free falling! It looks like it was a lot of fun, and hearing about the floating feeling ALMOST makes me want to go, but I really don't think I would handle it as well as you did. :)

  2. I told you I would check out your blog. This is awesome. You guys look like you had a great time skydiving. I'll have to bring in some of my old-school photos for you guys. Thanks for letting me blog-stalk you! :) (This is Stephanie, although my husband's name is the post for our blog.)