Monday, June 28, 2010

getting to arizona

well we left for arizona Tuesday june 22...our flight was scheduled to depart at 2pm, and of course we were late leaving the house, but made it in time! :) well we would have...if we hadnt gotten stuck behind STUPID people who acted as if they had never traveled before in their lives!!! then add kids into the mixture, i was ready to SLAP someone if we were butted one more time because the person had a child!! we had been in line for over 20 minutes!!! BUT after all that torture we made it to our gate with 10 minutes to departure! {you cant seriously think it went this smoothly?!} we got sent away to the customer service desk...where we stood in line for a good 5 minutes and then was told our plan had left, umm no its there and the gate door is still open. Well we gave your seats away...WTF??!! ummm why? apparently southwest airlines gives your seat away to standby people 10 minutes before the plain departs....BUT WE WERE IN!!! they knew we were there and ready to go...EWWW!!! we were so mad!!! after complaining for about 20 minutes and getting NOWHERE!!! they told us we would be able to take the next flight, no problems.. so the waiting began...the next flight was to depart at 430, but was an hour late due to maintenance, so we didnt end up departing from SLC until almost 6 pm!! luckily the flight there wasnt too bad, and i didnt get sick :) we arrived in Phoenix a lil after 6 their time, then we had to go searching for our luggage, since it was on the flight we should have been on!!! luckily it was easy to find, and so was our driver! :) whom picked us up in a LIMO! to drive us to the hospital, he ordered us dinner since we wouldnt make it in time to eat in the cafeteria {which has AMAZING food} he got us to the hotel gave us a small tour, then handed us off to the hospitality lady, who took us to our room {the hospital has a hotel in it!} got us all settled...then gave us a hug {lil strange?} we were exhausted so we went to bed...

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