Monday, June 28, 2010


well overall we are feeling pretty good about arizona... the atmosphere is just so much better than Huntsman, you can feel/tell that the people there genuinely care for the! :)) CAncer treatment centers of america, offers a little bit of everything...they care about your nutrition, comfort, pretty much you as a whole...where as Huntsman made us feel mostly like a guinea pig..wondering how many drugs they could pump into jason...i dont mean to completely bash on Huntsman, we really like our drs there, and were confident that they were going to help us...but obviously that didnt happen...well enough of that time to let you know what we did while we were down there!! :))

Wednesday-we met with our family dr, he took jasons history, did a physical exam...ask us what kind of treatments jason was open to...{everything!!} made us appointments to meet/consult with a radiologist, a pulmonogist, a physical therapist, and acupuncture :)...He also told jason to STOP taking Ibuprofen, since his first seizure was caused by his tumor bleeding, he is worried that by taking the anti-inflammatory along with his steroids...has a BIG chance of making his head bleed again! so he gave Jason a prescription for tylenol 3 {huntsman would give any pain meds} after that we met with our naturopathogist, who talked about all the "cures" we have been told about lately, she gave us all the info on them...and how none of them have been proven to cure any disease, and told us what things not to do, since their side effects are well..not worth it! after that we met with our nutritionist..{AHHH} we havent exactly been healthy has been our BEST friend with driving back n forth to SLC... she gave us lists of "superfoods" which are supposed to help prevent cancer, also gave us lists of food to help with nausea, diarrhea, constipation, pretty much everything...she also gave us "goals" to start eating breakfast, start eating "super foods" and start going on walks...{we usually do, but since Jason hasnt been able to go out in the sun for the past little few weeks, its been a while since we have gone on a its time to start again!!} our nutritionist taught us that 40% of people who die from cancer, actually die from malnutrition... after all our appointments we went to a food show type thingy...{the cafateria there is AMAZING!! n give the awesome discount!!} we tried all sorts of healthy food, stuff i would never think of eating...but it was all really nummy! after that was done n over with timari {my cousin} came, picked us up n took us away for a few hours!! {which was very much needed!!}

Thursday- we met with our family dr early in the morning, he gave us the results from jasons blood work..all came back normal, his red blood cell count came back a little low {so jason was prescribed vitamin B to up it} after meeting with the dr, Jason had a PET scan...{he has never had one of these} it took over 2 hours...ugh! those work...jason was injected with radiated sugar, which the active cancer sucks up, so they glow like crazy on the scan! while doing the PET scan, they also do a CT scan, the PET scan shows active cancer that has sucked up the radiated glucose, and the CT shows everything...after the PET scan we met with a radiation oncologist to talk about radiation to the lungs, and pretty much just a history lesson {once again} he told us that he was going to have the physicists do some math and figure out if jason could have anymore radiation, and how much... after all our appointments we went to dinner with Jasons aunt n uncle {ray n dar} :)

Friday- we met with all of our drs to hear our treatment plan...we also got the results from the PET scan, which were great :) there is one active spot in jasons lungs, and according to the results, there are no active lesions on his brain, they showed up on the CT but not the PET scan :)) we met with an oncologist to hear our treatment plan...two different forms of chemo, or keep him comfortable..which was a little discouraging, since thats what huntsman offered, well they offered one form of chemo{the pill}...i guess i was just expecting more from the hospital in AZ. after meeting with the oncologist, we met with the natropathic dr, and our nutritionist. Jason was given a prescription for melatonin, which will help him sleep and also fights the growth of melanoma!!! that would have been nice to know a while ago!!! that evening we went to dinner with aunt geneil, my first time meeting her! :) we had a great time catching up..

Saturday- we came home!! :) with no problems with our flight! thank goodness!! BUT!!! i did get sick :( i hate flying i always get motion if anyone has suggestions i would greatly appreciate it! im up to trying everything!!

we were bombarded with the awful news of having to pay for our hotel stay while down there along with my flight, luckily we have enough family that we can stay at someones house {totally going to start MOOCHING!!! haha timari!!!} thankfully 3 days after finding out that we would have to pay for my flight they told us that they would pay for my flight since jason shouldnt be alone! :) so yay!!! :)

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