Monday, June 28, 2010


so the pay checks have finally stopped coming... :( so we are extremely stressed about financial issues right now...thankfully we dont have to pay for my flight...finding that out took a lot of pressure off our shoulders....but there is still EVERYTHING else that doesnt seem to stop coming even tho theres no money to pay for it... a lot of people ask why we dont just get financial help {government}..well that ones easy... WE DONT QUALIFY!!! which i find ridiculous, were paying for cancer treatment and we dont qualify for financial assistance.

its been a while since weve been to work, which i personally think is understandable, considering all the crap with have been stuck with the past few weeks...but were going back!! well i least i am! jason says he is going to try, im sure he will be able to just fine, since most of the photofrin chemical is out of his system he is feeling much better. but with all the trips to Arizona now, and jason starting chemo not too sure how the whole working situation is going to go... so were trying to find ways of cutting back...but honestly theres nothing we can cut back, we got rid of the hummer, we got rid of TV, we have the lowest cell phone plan possible, ac is set to 78 to keep the house just a little cooler than outside, all lights are kept off, we eat at home unless someone takes us out..really there is nothing left for us to cut back. {if some one says sell the house, i will smack you. :)}


  1. First thing southwest airlines suck so bad. Scott and I took southwest for our honeymoon and we were a little late and they don't asign seats so Scott and I couldn't even sit by each other on are freaking honeymoon. I hate them. Also I have an idea next time you fly. Put Jason in a wheel chair (I know he wont like it) But my dad is blind and we always put him in one when we fly with him and they treat you like gold. They don't make you wait for anything and they have people help you all over the airport. It works great when your late :) Really if you guys need anything let us know. We are doing fireworks out back and having a BBQ on sunday night if you guys want to come or even just sit out back and watch. They maybe lame becasue our little boy likes those kind but Scott has some big ones too:)

  2. haha! we have talked about getting a wheel chair for him next time!!! ;) it would be worth trying out!! i hate that they dont have seat assignments! but we get to preboard since we go to the hospital so we dont have to deal with crap-tacular seats! thanks for the invite! we may end up coming over...but were still getting random calls from family saying were supposed to do stuff with them! lol so were not exactly sure what our plans our yet...

  3. Heck yeah you guys should come over if your family isn't doing anything. We are inviting some other neighbors and my family. So it should be fun. If it is lame your welcome to just come and eat some good BBQ and leave whatever you guys want. I think I am going to make Scott go over and invite you personally. He liked talking to Jason the other day.