Thursday, June 17, 2010

exciting news...

So with hearing the crappy news from Huntsman on Monday, we had a day or two where we did nothing but bawl...mostly me, then we started looking for other options! those of you who see jason, or have seen jason lately know that he doesnt seem sick, the sickest think about him is his shiny bald head! {which is starting to grow on me!} so we refuse to believe that hospice is our only option! we have started going to a dr in tremonton that works with your energy fields n such... we have also started drinking Reliv, a nutrient filled powdery shake mix stuff {that tastes like fish food} we have heard many positive stories about it so were giving it a try. Also jasons aunt brought a hospital in arizona to our attention, {cancer treatment centers of america} so we looked into it...

after checking out their website and started chatting with a guy told him everything that was going on, and that the hospital here had told us there was nothing else they could do, he informed us that they {the hospital} is confident they have more options for us!! so we gave them all our info and they told us they would have to get in touch with our insurance to make sure they would cover the costs... and of course we had to wait a day to hear from them, since we talked to them after 5 yesterday..but we heard from them today right after we got out of a dr appointment in tremonton!! and our insurance is going to cover it! CTCA is out of network, which doesnt matter, since we have met our deductible and our out of pocket max already!! so we will just be paying the $20 copay when we go.. and another up side!! the hospital pays for the trips to arizona! so our flight, hotel AND food are all paid for!!! EVERY TIME we have to go down!! :)) We fly out Tuesday June 24, and i believe come home friday or saturday...

we are uber excited and are feeling good about this place! they do alternative treatments, so its kind of thinking outside the box! which obviously is good for us since just medical obviously hasnt worked out too well for us!


  1. yay im super excited for you guys best of luck!!

  2. I'm so excited I could cry! I will be watching for updates and will continue to pray for you both!!! WAHOO!

  3. oh that is sooooo exciting, plus we get the bonus of seeing you guys!!