Tuesday, June 15, 2010

june 7-11

Radiation is finished!!! :)) thankfully! they gave jason a certificate and a blankie! {ugly, its camouflage} we finished wednesday, june 9 and couldn't be happier! :) driving back n forth SUCKED!!! so now we wait until August 10, to have our check up to make sure everything worked nicely...which seems like a lifetime away... Well that was pretty much all that happened that week.... pretty lame but we were pretty stoked to have radiation done and over with!!! driving back n forth was getting ridiculously expensive!! BUT thankfully to steve n kelly we didnt have to drive monday! which was amazing to be a passenger again {its been so long!!} thanks again!!

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  1. That's not lame news at all!! I'm so glad it's over!!! We think of you guys often!