Tuesday, January 18, 2011

surgery was postponed until Friday 1-18-11. the anesthesiologists were unavailable for tomorrow morning, and we found out this afternoon because they dont confirm the anesthesiologists until the afternoon before the surgery. So we are on for friday morning.

Jason seems to be doing about the same, possibly even a little worse. he is still sleeping all day, doesnt talk much, hardly eats and the past few days he has been puking {our poor carpet has had it rough!} he is extremely unsteady, leans to the right. He fell a couple nights ago when he was putting his shoes on. i dont let him go up or down the stairs without me behind him. im hoping this is just the bad before the good, were still in the process of weening him off of the dilantin and still hoping that once the drug is out of his system, he will come back to a little more.

last night i started to get a little worried about the surgery, mostly the anesthesia, some people have issues with it, and some old people have MAJOR problems with it and never come out of it, or take a long time to come out of it. Now i know jason is extremely young, {but obviously age doesnt matter with jason n his cancer} but he is way out in zombie land so you cant blame me for being worried that he wouldnt come back to from the anesthesia, and be farther out than he is now....

While talking to the nurse confirming jasons surgery this morning, i told her i was worried about jasons reaction to the anesthesia, since he is so far out in zombie land, if the anesthesia was going to make it worse we wouldnt be doing the surgery. but i was informed by her and the dr doing the surgery that jason will be just fine, that he will be groggy when waking up {like everyone else} but should have no bad reactions to the anesthesia, since he hasnt had any before. god i hope theyre right!

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  1. Wow sorry I'm a bit behind on keeping on your blog, but i really do appreciate you let me read this so i am informed on whats going on. I really hope that this works out for the two of you. I'll be praying for Jason to get feeling better so you guys can make it to Cali, that sounds like thats going to be the best thing for him. Love you guys so much! I am always praying for you two! If your in SLC area and need anything dont hesitate to call me, I feel bad I'm not there more, but I'm sure that you have lots of support. But anyways just putting it out there :o). Love you Hope and Jason.