Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new plan... January 12, 2011

I just received a phone call from Dr. Reddy's scheduler. Dr Reddy is the dr who removed{s} the tumor out of Jason's airway. Anyways, she was calling to schedule a Rigid Bronch {remove tumor} {ya what?} then informed me that radiation was also being talked to...after informing her that i had no idea what she was talking about, that we had only been told to wait a month then hopefully be heading to California... She decided it would be best to call Dr G's people and get back with me... about 10 minutes later, DrG's nurse called to apologize {yes APOLOGIZE!!!} for not calling and informing us of what they had discussed after we had left our appointment friday. After we left Friday they looked at the scans a little more and discussed them with the radiologist and decided that it would be best to remove the tumor from Jason's airway now, and not give it time to grow. considering the spot of his lung that has collapsed along with the rapid growth rate of the tumor in the airway, they want to remove it now, and not wait for him to have difficulty breathing and were hoping it will get rid of his cough.

So now we will be having surgery to remove the tumor, we have our appointment next wednesday. The surgery doesnt disqualify Jason from the trial in CAlifornia, and im still trying my hardest to get him active and back to normal, so hopefully we will be headed to cali in a month.

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