Wednesday, January 5, 2011

neuro appointment 1-4

we had our appointment with the neuro dudes yesterday. Dr s n Dr j... jason also had a scan.

We get to the huntsman for the scan, and of course we are late! but only by like 10 minutes {and its not like they're ever on time!!} go up to the desk tell them who we are, they look at us retarded tell us we were supposed to be there at 1 {i called the day before they said 120} and the proceeds to tell us how they wont be able to do the scan today, umm no we came from logan you will be doing the scan, i called yesterday and was told to be here at 120, if were supposed to be here at 1 make our appointment for 1!...needless to say the scan was done...oh it looks like we do have time to do it today, good thing! stupid imaging department! these are the people we have the most problems with there! this department is where the lady told jason getting cancer is a good thing, and this is the department that has messed up on our schedule numerous times, so we have had to spend all day hanging out at the Huntsman {which isnt really a happenin place!} ugh! it would be so much easier to not have to deal with them!!!

after the Jason's scan was finished we had to go straight to the clinic, because it was time for the appointment, we started to get checked in and the friggin fire alarm started going off!!! {luckily it was just a drill} it was the most annoying sound in the world n went on for 5+ minutes!! Jason was getting his vitals taken when it finally shut off, it took the nurse 3 different tries to get his blood pressure, then his pulse was 180!! Jason has a regularly low pulse, 60-80 so it being this high is kind of a big deal...she checked it again with the pulse ox {reads oxygen in blood, on your finger} and it was saying his pulse was 247, i dont trust the pulse ox to get the pulse from it always reads it weird, but still that is freakishly HIGH!! finally the drs came in...

the drs informed us that the scanned showed more swelling around the the tumors along with the area that they removed tumors...also some of the tumors look a little larger, but they believe they arent growing, but they are getting bigger... {dumb, confusing yes but let me explain} its like a balloon, when the balloon isnt blown up its just a balloon, then to make the balloon bigger you put air in it, so its bigger but not necessarily grown {make sense?!} so they think the tumors are bigger because of swelling in them, and we are hoping they are right, but cant be certain unless they remove them, which many of them they cant..also the scan showed NO new tumors! yay!!

so the plan as of right now is, to up jasons steroid to 4 mg twice a day, {to reduce swelling} for one month then to go back the 14 n 15 of february have another scan done and make a game plan, hopefully one that actually involves something! after meeting with the drs we hit up tha tlab had blood drawn then went home! :)

last night at 10:35 pm!! {yes pm} the dr called with jasons sodium levels. here i am thinking its going to be freakishly low that why they are calling so late to tell us to get to the hospital ASAP...well luckily i was WRONG!! his sodium was high, yes high 145 {ya thats what they wanted it to be when we were in teh NCCU and now its high} its not super high, mostly they are worried with how fast it went up, so he is off his sodium pills {yay} and he can have water again!!

we have our appointment with Dr G {oncologist} on friday to get the results from the body CT that was taken when we were in the NCCU..

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  1. Wow!!!! Loads of excitement! But good thing he can have water!!! Hopefully it is just swelling Hope! THanks for the updates its really appreciated.