Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25, 2011

we met with out neuro dudes today, Dr J and Dr S, to go over the scan that was done last thursday {1-25-11} the scan showed that the tumors have grown and there are new ones.
we were given 2 options. full brain radiation, or home health/hospice.

we have already done full brain radiation and it did nothing, and they dont believe it will do anything now, and if it did it would be temporary. after finishing full brain radiation in June we were given hospice as an option and it made jason miserable, sick and exhausted, he slept all the time i can only imagine what it would do now...

we chose home health/hospice


  1. My dearest Jason and Hope, I am so very sorry ...you have both been so very strong and I know I would have never been able to be as STRONG as you both have been through all of this ...you both have really opened my eyes about life and love and strength!You know I am here for you any time, anyway, anyplace♥♥♥all my love and prayers for you love debi

  2. Dear Hope and Jason,

    No one can even comprehend what you are going through! He has fought so hard and you are amazing how hard you have fought for him too! please know there are many who are crying with you!

  3. This is incredibly hard to accept after following your long hard-fought battle which you've both endured with amazing courage, strength and resilience. We've cheered you on and wept at the set-backs along the way. I hope there is some comfort knowing your pain is shared by all of us who love you both very, very much.

  4. I am so sorry!!! There is no way to comprehend what you are going through. My hearts and prayers are with you. You guys have taught me how to love and live for the now and to appreciate everything. I appreciate your sweet spirits and great attitude during this horrible time in your life. Please Please Please if I can be of any assistance at all, even if it just to come be a friend, let me know. Love you guys!!!