Friday, January 14, 2011


i LOVE when drs realize im in the right, and they are WRONG!!!! :)) Jason is now being weened off of the Ditantin {thank god!!} the dose prescribed is 200 mg twice a day, so starting tonight he will be on 100 mg twice a day for a week, then down to 100 mg once a day for a week...and then DONE!! it will take longer than i expected but he will be off of it and thats what matter! im really hoping that after he gets off of this drug jason will get out of zombie mode.
He has been a little better, i got him out of the house the other night, we went to the movies and dinner with a few was good to get out and have some different scenery :) altho it wiped him out the next day and he slept ALL day... but one good night was definitely worth it.

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  1. Good to hear. Don't think yourself naive, follow your gut instincts on something like that.

    I've haphazardly read through your blog over the last few months. Life just took you by the nose and said "You're coming with me!" You guys are awesome.

    I want to say something encouraging but I'm sure you've heard it all, and reading through your posts, you do a darn good job by yourself. You're a dedicated wife. Jason's a lucky guy.

    Good luck with the upcoming surgery.