Friday, January 21, 2011

rigid bronch 1-21-11

Jason was taken back for surgery at 12, after 4 pokes trying to get an IV, yes 4!! i pissed off the nurse by telling her that she was only getting one try, and needed to find someone else to come do it, he gets poked too many times...she was a lil ticked...but oh well, Jason shouldnt have to be poked so many times and of course the FISH for the vein! which makes it even worse. it took 3 different people 4 pokes until they FINALLY got a vein, and one of the people was the anesthesiologist, who usually has no problems {she tried getting a vein in his ankle!} she got it second try, she injected him with number stuff {forgot name} so he didnt feel her poking him, thank goodness.

Dr R came in and talked to us before the surgery, he told us that the tumor is definitely bigger now than it has been before, so he is going to go in remove the tumor and scrape out as much as he can like he has done numerous times now. he believes that by removing the tumor the spot in his lung that has collapsed will fill back up {it is the middle of the bottom of his lung {2/3}, we were under the impression it was a small spot but its a little bigger than we were told}

Jason was done with surgery around 115, Dr R came out and talked to me, said he removed as much as he can, the airway is now clear {there is still tumor there that has gone thru the wall, so by removing it there would be a hole in the wall of his bronch which would be BAD!!} but his airway is clear and the 2/3 of his right lung that was collapsed is now inflated! so he can breathe again!! {literally!!} it took him a little longer than expected to wake up, but he came to drank 3 cups of water then we were good to go...he slept the whole way home, and is sleeping now. He has more color to him, so i am hoping that by having the surgery and being able to breath again he will come back to...

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  1. Really good to hear that went well. We love you Hope and Jason. You are constantly in our prayers. Glad that he is doing better