Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so its been a boring past few days...were just working as much as we possibly can right now before chemo starts... i got the rest of the cruise pictures up on facebook!! We never heard from the that means NO steroids!!! yay!! :)) so as long as jason doesn't seize again we will be set to start chemo on the 21!

the past few days i have realized how many evil people are out there!!! those of you who are friends with me on Facebook know most of all that has been going on...and most of my thoughts on the situation!! but for those of you who arent on facebook... GET ON FACEBOOK!!! haha its that happenin place! nah...its really not all that!! but i spend more time there than here!! altho all info does end up here {eventually}. well we have been having some problems with people talking behind our backs!! then they {one in particular} decided that they were going to tell us all the nasty comments they had to share {note to all} if you have a nasty comment.. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!! we have more than enough going on right now...we don't need you to add your drama to our lives!! I have always been told that family sticks together in times of need...well NOT ALL DO!!! but thats okay!! we will just forget about that one!!

other than all the friggin drama...we are doing awesome!! :)) and thanks to Miles n Jo we will be eating for the next week or so with no problems!! :)) thanks everyone for the thoughts n prayers!! and everything else!!! we appreciate it all so much!!! we have been able to realize our true friends, and know who truly cares during this hectic time in our lives!! {even tho we knew sticks out a lil more now!}

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