Friday, February 26, 2010

Day Five

We got to come home!! :)) we are so glad to be home...

Jason steal feels like crap :( but his swelling is starting to go down...n he is getting back his whiteness {he is now just blotchy not just red}

well we went to Idaho sunday to spend some time with my family.... and im positive Jason over did it!!! he helped Tim {my dad} with the cows..then later that night...he helped pull his first calf!! and of course i was here to document it!! {sadly it was like the HARDEST pull ever, and the calf probably wont live long.} {obviously the pics are in no special order..}
Jason looking a lil disgusted
steppy had to take a break...she has a weak stomach LOL
standing around wondering if the calf is actually alive :s
a baby cow!!

we went to SLC today for Jasons follow up appointment with his radio surgery {done in January} we have had it scheduled since January, told to be there {and have a paper sayign so} at 9:15 am we get there {ON TIME!!} we go to check in...and are told we dont have an appointment for you today, you have one scheduled on the 22. {WTF?!?!?!} so after listening how we were under the impression that our appointment was today {piss me off!} she realized oh..well it does now good to go to your neurosurgeon with out an mri of your brain to show him! {duh!} so they moved the schedule around...and our appointment was bumped all the way to 2!!! so we got to travel around SLC for about 4 hours trying to find something to do... {we were extremely bored!!}{and might i add...i have become an AMAZING SLC driver!!} finally 2 rolled around Jason got his MRI done...the we went to the other side of the hospital to meet with the nuero people! finally the drs came in, and showed us this....
The white part on the right side is the swelling!!! {MASSIVE} the tumor has shrunk a little {woohoo} but the swelling is obviously the cause of, the headaches, blurred vision, memory loss, word confusion, {i think thats all...if not ill add it later!!} so he has been put on Steroids for the next 6 weeks to reduce the swelling, if that doesnt work brain surgery here we come!! and of course the IL2 has been postponed... for at least 8 weeks...{the steroids counteract the chemicals in the IL2}

People from our church/neighborhood have started bringing us dinner {thanks to our lovely RS ladies!!} and its amazing!! lol one of these days i will get better at cooking... but until then ill enjoy what others bring me!! :)) {THANKS!!!}

well i believe that is all i have to say....any questions feel free to ask!!

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