Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day three

this morning started very early for me!! {around 430} i woke up to jason shaking something fierce!! and he wants to be strong and not be the annoying patient, so he waits as long as he can before calling in the nurse, which means he suffers for a good 20-30 minutes {while im asleep, when im awake as soon as he starts shaking a lil bit the nurse is called in} but now they are going to give him his demoral about an hour after his IL2 {he usually get rigors about 1 1/2-2 hours after each dose} and we have also decided to get the anti nausea med before the demoral {we believe thats what is making him puke} and they also put him on dopamine {to make him turn all of his excess water into pee}

I've come to LOVE the noc nurse that we have had the past few nights...she is amazing!! :)) she is uber nice, knows what she is doing {so i dont feel the need to stand over her shoulder whenever she is doing stuff} she talks to us, and you can tell that she genuinely cares. Which makes it amazing for me! {i get to sleep!!}

So the hospital has a massage therapist, and Jason was alseep when she came in yesterday...but he is awake today!!! :) so the lucky butt is getting a massage now...n she is complementing his tattoo!
lol so many people get a lil butt hurt when they see tattoos {which makes no sense to me...your not forced to look at it!!} here in salt lake some of the people who work at the hospital have the craziest most random hair styles and i guess Jason kinda fits in! :))

They started giving Jason potassium today, to help pretty much everything, from proper functions of cells, conduct electricity in the body, help with heart function, also helps with digestion. since Jason is vomiting and having diarrhea not eating much, they are worried about potassium deficiency.

well Jason finally puked...he had just gotten his demoral, and had fallen asleep. Didn't even have enough time to say he was going to just happened :(( and it was like PROJECTILE vomit!! all over the place :( i felt so bad!! he was covered, but now he is squeaky clean!! :)) Steppy and Jesse were here when it happened, i dont think i have ever seen them move that fast!! {we were all sitting next to the bed playing mario bros} and now he is asleep again...

We get a new noc nurse tonight {uber nice!!} she seems a lot closer to our age, jokes around with us, asks if we need anything, told jason she would be in as much or as little as he wants her in during the night, asks about us as people not just patients and just overall amazing!! :) She complemented Jasons tattoo, so im sure he likes her as well!! lol

Overall today pretty much sucked for Jason he has felt crappy all day, and slept most of the day... BUT we are on dose 8, and still going strong, the platelets have leveled out around 100, which is good {we cant get lower than 40} his fever left!! he has had a normal temp all day!! :) his BP is still good {they said it would elevate} he still hasn't had any hallucinations!! so were doin good, and he still passes the little brain quiz every morning!

we want to thank everyone for everything that they have done for us during this stressful time!! we appreciate it so much! :)

well they came in about 10 and told me that they would be skipping the 1am dose and begin again tomorrow morning, because Jason hadn't urinated yet.... NOPE!!! he had just nobody had come in to dump it out its back on!! woohoo for dose 9! {maybe 8}

i think thats all i have to say... any questions feel free to ask!!

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