Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day Four

the morning/night started out rough...Jason was up around 130 puking {right after his 9th dose} finally got back to sleep after 2, then was up again around 445 to "use" the restroom. then again a little while later to get his weight {he weighed in at 233, on admit he was 216{all water weight}} he is asleep again {thank goodness}, the only things he says to me anymore are "i love you" and "im ready for sunday"{so we can be home}

He was okayed for the 10 dose for around 930, and we were told that it will more than likely be his last dose {his platelet count has dropped a little bit they are down to 80} and he has almost maxed out his weight gain {he was allowed to gain 10%} all water weight gain.

I go for little walks in the mornings {mostly to get a soda outta the machine{i have no control stephanie i am ADDICTED}} but all i ever see are old people! we are so out of place!! so i asked the noc nurse last night if she sees many young people here or if its all old{cuz thats all im seeing!} she informed us the most of the patients she sees getting the IL2 are from 20-30 years old, and every no n again she sees people who are like 16-17! so i dont feel as out of place :s {even tho i still would really rather NOT be here!} i went this morning to get a soda {all i have is a 5} and the stupid thing wouldnt take it!!! grrr.... and i didnt have time to go down stairs and get change or check out the gift shop {it was about time for the dr to come in} so now i guess i shall be drinking water for a little while today...

they have finally decided to cut Jasons demoral dose in half!! it is so much easier for him to handle {not as much nausea}

Jason is complaining of his heart today...he is sick of the constant anxious feeling....and the feeling of his heart racing! his pulse now days is usually around 120+ when admitted it was high 50 {its regularly high 50}his pulse freaks out when he breaths in (does his lil breathing treatment}this picture was taken monday or tuesday {thats why the pulse is so low} the lowest i have seen his pulse today is 110
Jennifer, corky, steppy and jesse are comin down today... its good to have visitors {i think more so for me than Jason}he usually just sleeps the entire time they are here.... but it keeps me can only spend so much time online!! its so nice to not be alone while Jason is sleeping...n they bring me real food!! haha and soda! woohoo

So today im feeling it more... ive been strong the past few days no breakdown or anything... im hoping i can hold off a few more days n not break down until we are home... and not in front of Jason{he is having a hard enough time, he doesnt need to know i am too}

well jason was given his 10th dose{WOOHOO} and no more!!! YAY!!! they have decided he has been pushed to the edge!! and anymore would shuv him over!! {which we dont want} So were hoping to be able to go home tomorrow, and if not tomorrow FOR SURE saturday...but why wait?! lol they should just send us home!!!

Overall the day wasnt too bad, it started out rough but got better...Jason went for a walk {he hasnt left the room since tuesday} got visitors, he was awake for most of the day, he has peed! :), and finished IL2 for the week! so we had a very productive day!


  1. Hello you two. Timari gave me your blog site, I hope you don't mind. You have a done a beautiful job with your blog. I am sorry to hear all that you have been through. Grandpa and Mike and I want you to know how much we love you and that you are in our prayers. Hope and Jason I would like to do something special for you. If you could load your favorite photos of the three of you(can't forget Frankie) on a cd for me and tell your favorite colors I could get started on it for you. Love you tons and keep your smiles in place. Aunt Chris

  2. Don't worry about the soda cuz I have no control either. Someone left a mountain dew in the fridge the other day and I guzzled it this morning for breakfast! I'm so glad to hear you guys are home. I was in ogden last week and was gonna come up there to entertain you but my whole fam was sick so I figured the last thing you needed was my sick germs! See you this weekend!

  3. Hey Jason & Hope,
    I finally got your blog address. This is really great. It is nice knowing what is going on. I can't make calls during the day at work, and evenings are pretty busy, so this is great.

    Wanted to let you both know that I the radio group is putting together an ad and will be playing it on all radio stations as far as I know. It will be to promote the Silent Auction we are doing at the Home & Gargen show at USU next week, the 19th & 20th.

    We are very grateful for so much help and the many contributions that have been made for this benefit auction. Now we just need to get the word out and hope we get a lot of people bidding on the great items that have been donated.

    Just thought you would like an update too.

    Keep smiling!
    Love Kay