Friday, January 29, 2010

well...were back!! n have been for a we went on the cruise!! had a great time!! here are some pictures {in no special order of course!} Altho i did get sea sick, n was for pretty much the entire time, which was ridiculous considering the 12 hour road trip down there Iwas JUST FINE!!! but oh well, live n learn.... im still trying to teach jason quality over quantity, we bought motion sickness pills, but the fake named ones!! no bueno!!!

we had to straighten jasons hair!! {haha} it was/is getting ridiculously long!! but he is bound n determined to grow it out long enough to donate it!! :)) {we found out his IL2 shouldnt make his hair fall out!!}

the lovely was a nasty orange pinkish color lol

HUGE ship!!!
i will post more pictures later {and on facebook} the upload thing is being retarded it has taken me about 35 minutes just to do these ones!!!
well since we've been back we haven't done much...just been working, that is until last night {2/2} Jason had another seizure, this one didn't last as long as the first but he was much more convulsive during this one, and he bit his tongue something fierce! {i tried to take a picture, but it looks normal in the picture} So once again we were rushed to the ER via ambulance. and got to spend most of our night there! once at the hospital we went through the whole getting him checked in blah blah blah ;) and after all the medical workers left the room, Jason looked up at me n asked why he was at the hospital!!! i felt so bad that he had to clue to why he was there.... well anywhos, they did some CT scans and came to the conclusion that the tissue surrounding his brain tumor has swollen, and that's what caused the seizure, and as of now its about double in size since December, BUT!! the tumor is about the same size!! so after waiting in the ER forever, yelling at the nurse that she couldn't give Jason a steroid {it would screw up the IL2} we finally got to come home {around 130ish this morning} but we had to go to SLC to the Huntsman today, to talk with Jasons cancer dr, and came to the conclusion that we are waiting to start the IL2 for another 2 weeks, now the plan is to go down and start chemo on February 21. while were waiting for the next two weeks to pass, Jason is on seizure watch, n if he has more the chemo will probably be pushed back again...Were hoping that it all goes according to plan this time. Altho we are still waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon, if he decides to put jason on a steroid, and if this happens, the chemo will be pushed back even more. hmm....i think that may be all i have for now! :))


  1. Hi Hope and Jason,

    My name is Anna and I work with the I'm Too Young for This! Cancer Foundation. I'm not sure if you're familiar with our organization, but we provide support and advocacy for young adult cancer survivors. One of the many things we do is host the Stupid Cancer Blog, which features a blog roll of other young adult survivor's blogs. We would love to list your blog, but need your full names. Please get in touch with me at


  2. Hi there! Funny nough I found your blog via i2y! Mine's listed there too.

    Anyway today I blogged about all the negative health issues that have afflicted me since being diagnosed. It's ahuge list and I was kind of feeling sorry for myself at the time, and wanted to list them all for people who cna't understand allthe residual issues we have aside from just having cancer. After reading your blog I see it could be so much owrse. Seizures are so frightning. It must be aweful for you to see him like that. I hpe that thhye find a way to stop them. I faint now, and that is scary enough!