Monday, February 22, 2010

Day one

well...we have made it through day 1.... it started of as an extremely boring night, we got here around 4:45ish {we were told NO later than 5!} we got everything situated, the wii hooked up, skype was tested n good to go... then we got to sit here, we played wii for a little while, not very long tho our remotes were both pretty well dead. So we got to sit and watch tv for a few hours... Jason was given an Iv around 6ish last night, after about the 3rd poke they finally got the vein! {idk why they have so much trouble with his veins, they are big!} he was pumped full of saline {to keep hydrated} along with antibiotics {the biggest worry is infection} then we watched tv... n was bored outta our minds!! lol jason finally fell asleep around 10 last night, but that doesnt mean much when they come in and out every 2-3 hours... so its safe to say neither of us got much sleep.

This morning started out early, they got the pic line put in around 7. Watching them put in the pic line is kinda amazing, seriously little surgery goin on in the room! they completely cover him in drapes so he cant really see whats going on, use an ultrasound to find the vein, sterilize the arm, numb it, then shuv the 45 INCH catheter in!!! and he says hasnt felt much since so woohoo for him. Then Jason had to get an xray to be sure it was in correctly. after that was all done n ok'd the IL2 began! the first dose went well, no serious side affects, just a slight fever...the second went well, until about 2 hours after receiving it. He went a little loopy {but not much more than usual} then he went RED and got really warm. then vomited, EVERYTHING he ate today... {which made this harder to handle, it was all good when there was no side effects!} He also has gotten rigors, {shaking caused by chills} so he has received anti nausea along with demoral for the rigors and is now passed out, sleeping it off.

We found out today that Jason has a heart condition called sinus arrhythmia, which is the normal increase in the heart rate that occurs during inspiration {breathing in} which we were informed is nothing to worry about, it just means he has an irregular heart beat to begin with so it will need to be watched a little differently while on the IL2.

I was hoping that Jason would do amazing and not have side effects, or not be effected until the last day or 2....but now its happened {and from what im told it will only get worse}

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